MXL-9™ Water Ionizer by Life Ionizers

Counter Top Water Ionizer Unit

Expert Price: $2,597.00

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The New 2018 Life Ionizer MXL-9

Life Ionizer's 2018 MXL-9 Water Ionizer - Top-of-the-line ionizer at a bargain price!.

  • Lifetime Warranty on parts AND labor
  • FREE water report analysis AND custom filtration
  • Multi stage filter system with FREE pre-filter system
  • Sleek new design complements the look of your kitchen

Life's 2018 M-Series 'XL' Ionizers: Optional Ultraviolet Light Disinfection Technology | XL Matrix™ GRID Plates | XL Chambers™ | Highest Molecular Hydrogen Output | XL Power™ SMPS | One-Click easy-change Filters ... and more!

The Life Ionizer MXL-9 Next Generation easily outperforms the Enagic/Kangen® Water machine - at about half the cost! The MXL-9 has more plates, more plate surface area, and more power than the Kangen machine. The Next Generation Life MXL-9 is a ground up, complete redesign that takes advantage of the latest cutting-edge technological advances in water ionizers to produce breakthrough performance!


The Life MXL-9 features our new XL Power™ SMPS technology

  • Stronger pH water - Get up to 11.0 pH for powerful acid-neutralizing alkalinity*
  • Generates up to -800 ORP for alkaline water with higher antioxidant potential*
  • Fully adjustable - Get the pH you need with the highest antioxidant potential possible
  • XL Power™ Built to last - Guaranteed to outlast the competition
  • New XL Matrix™ GRID Plate: 8 layers of Platinum over Industrial Titanium

* Depending on source water


The purest, most natural alkaline water starts with powerful filtration that eliminates toxic chemicals that poison your water. Life Ionizers has industry-leading filtration systems that are customized to address the toxins unique to your local water supply.

How LIFE ensures your water purity

  1. They analyze your local water quality report
  2. Determine which are in your water
  3. Target those toxins with a custom-configured pre-filter
  4. Protect you from chlorination and chloramines with LIFE’s exclusive  laboratory-grade Vitamin C Ceramic Block® technology


Life Ionizers technologies that can make your water more healthy, more pure, and more powerful:

  • New ultra-efficient Life MicroMembrane™ utilizes Porelon technology to achieve greater ionization levels compared to other water ionizer membranes.
  • XL Chambers™ are the largest in the industry, XL Chambers™ increase water ionization time for Superior pH & ORP levels.
  • New optional XL Matrix™ GRID plates use a high-density GRID design to increase ionization surface area on the plates. The titanium plates are dipped 8 times in medical grade platinum. They have 16% more surface area than flat plates, and produce Superior ORP & pH
  • New XL Power™ SMPS - Precise, energy-efficient power control paired with XL Matrix™ GRID plates produces the most potent antioxidant water to deliver you maximum health benefits.
  • New cutting-edge Life CleanTech™ anti-scale technology is built directly into the filters to ensure that your water ionizer runs smoothly without mineral buildup. No other water ionizer utilizes this proactive method of filtration and anti-scale protection in one.
  • New Top Loading - One Click Filters™ for a simple tool-free filter replacement.
  • Easy-Notify Filter Change™ alerts with RFID technology - install & forget your filters - Your water ionizer will notify you of upcoming filter changes so you can order replacements before your filters expire.
  • Guaranteed for life Ultraviolet XL™ Disinfection System is UV light disinfection technology that destroys bacteria, viruses, mold, and cysts in water supplies. It offers essential protection against water municipality failure and possible mold/bacteria buildup.

The Life Ionizer MXL-9 easily outperforms every nine-plate machine we tested against it. You get stronger alkaline and acidic water than you get from any other nine-plate ionizer. The new, M Series XL represents a complete redesign from the previous Life M9. It has more power, bigger plates, a large, easy to read display and a lot more. We especially love how the controls for this machine are conveniently located along the top of the machine, it makes it so easy to use!

One thing that Life Ionizers™ didn't change is their world-class commitment to water purity. The New M-Series XL comes with two internal filters that feature Life's laboratory-grade Vitamin C Ceramic Block filtration™ - the best protection you can get from chlorine and chloramines. Plus, Life analyzes your local water quality report to find out which toxins are in your water. They use this information to give you a free pre-filter that protects you from those pollutants.