Biontech Ionizer by Biontech

Counter Top Unit


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Biontech Water Ionizer

BionTech produces high-purity ionized water with automatic adjustment for optimum pH through self-diagnostic regardless of the change in supplied water flow based on the new and unique technology.

The Self-diagnosis system based on RISC semiconductor circuit notifies the error, which is caused by an incorrect action of the operation function, in the form of a message on the LCD.

Features We Like

  • -500mV of Maximun Reduction Power
  • Silver nano Special filter
  • Automatic Self-Cleaning and Drainage Function
  • Alkaline Water[Normal Functional Water]
  • Purified Water[General Drinkable Water]
  • Acid Water[Functional Water for washing]
Electrodes 7 Platinum-titanium electrodes
Power System AC120V 50/60Hz (optional 220V)
Power Consumption 300 Watts
pH Output up to 10.8Ph
pH Settings Automatic Adjustment to Optimum pH Level
ORP Output -500
Filtration 2 internal
Filtration Media pre-carbon, activated carbon, Vitamin C Ceramic Technology
Rated Voltage 110v / 220v
Cleaning Function Advanced RADC self-cleaning function
Flow Control Automatic
Display Color LED w/ automatic voice guidance
Installation Countertop or under counter w/ optional faucet

*Results will vary based on water conditions


5 year warranty.