Alkazone BHL3100

Counter Top Unit


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The Alkazone BHL-3100 has several great features that make it one of the better more affordable ionizers on the market! This machine stands out due to it’s wide range of pH levels (5 alkaline & 2 acidic). It also has a self-cleaning cycle and can be installed on the counter top or mounted on the wall.

The BHL-3100 also contains platinum covered titanium electrodes which produce great ionized water for the price! Overall, the Alkazone BHL-3100 is a great mid-range machine for the price!

Features We Like

  • Wide range of adjustable pH levels (5 alkaline & 2 acidic)
  • Self-cleaning cycle helps prevent scaling
  • Compact size makes it easily transportable
Electrodes 5
Power System Transformer
Power Consumption 80 Watts
pH Output 5.0 to 9.5
pH Settings 5 Alkaline / 1 Purified / 2 Acidic
ORP Output up to -250*
Filtration 1 Internal
Filtration Media Granular activated carbon, Calcium
Rated Voltage 120v
Cleaning Function Self-Cleaning
Flow Control Automatic
Display Color LED
Installation Counter Top or Wall Mount

*Results will vary based on water conditions

2 Year Limited Warranty

The Alkazone BHL-3100 has a 2 year limited warranty. All repairs are done by Better Health Lab’s facility in New Jersey. Water Ionizer expert is a Gold Certified Authorized Distributor with every company that we work with!