Alkazone BHL2100

Counter Top Unit


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Alkazone BHL2100 Water Ionizer

  • Comprehensive 6 multi-level filtration system
  • Ion purity ensures through complete sealing to prevent alkaline and acidic waters from mixing.
  • Wide pH selection range (5 alkalinities, 1 acid)
  • Easily accessible calcium insert chamber for calcium supplementation if required.
  • Conveniently dispenses acidic water
  • Enhanced life expectancy and safety with built-in electronic surge and spire protection.
  • Dual installation (countertop or wall mount options)
  • Automatic Self-Cleaning function enhances the life expectancy of the device.
  • Cross-Section of the BHL-2100
  • Error Indicator : The filter life display indicates errors in the electrolytic cell. When this occurs, an error code (Er,1, Er2…) is displayed.
  • Artificial Intelligence MICOM Control : the central processing unit (CPU) controls every function of the machine including the Alkalinity levels.
  • Self-Cleaning Function : BHL-2100 cleans itself automatically after every 2.5 gallons of water passage. However, BHL-2100 does self-cleaning when it is off. Once the water valve (diverter) has been turned off, the machine cleans the electrolytic cell for approximately 30 seconds and then turns off. During this process, the CLEAN/DRAIN indicator light will flash with melody.
  • Rinse/Drain Function : After the above process, the Clean/Drain indicator light will flash for about 20 seconds. The built-in voice alert system will simultaneously caution you to wait until the process is over.
  • Super Convenient Water Ionizer
  • Fully automatic operation is made possible by the built-in micro-computer (MICOM) system with artificial intelligence supported by a Dynamic memory semiconductor.
  • Platinum Titanium Electrolytic Cell
  • Platinum titanium electrodes are utilized for effective reduction of water cluster and.
  • Phonetic Prompt for Filter Replacement
  • Both the filter life display and the voice alert optically and aurally prompt you to replace the filter when it has expired.
Item Water ionizer
Mode BHL-2100
Rated Voltage AC 120V / 60Hz
Water Supply Direct Connection to the tap water
Main Body Dimension: 11.0 (W) X 14.2 (H) X 5.5 (D) inches
Weight 13.5 lbs approx
Water Pressure 10 ~ 85 PSI
Water temperature Range 41 - 95 degree Fahrenheit
Overheating Protection Two built in temperature sensors (Automatic reset type)

All Alkazone® water ionizers come with a two (2) year warranty. They conduct all servicing at our factory in New Jersey. Please contact us for further information.