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Alka Prime S7C Water Ionizer

The Alka Prime Ionizer is a quality 7 plate water ionizer that is made in South Korea with a price point that is not much more than the questionable ionizers made in Taiwan or China.  It has many of the great features of top-end 7 plate water ionizers, but makes a few reasonable compromises to justify its entry-level price. The Alka Prime™ gets decent pH and good –ORP readings thanks to its 7 plates and 200 watt power supply. Alka Prime  is new in the water ionizer market, but its ionizers are made by a well-established factory with tested and true technology, so we feel this brand is trustworthy.

The Alka Prime  comes with flat plates or optional MESH plates, which we recommend. Alka Prime  is also one of only two ionizer makers that offer UV Light disinfection technology. You also get a custom pre-filter that is configured by Alka Prime  that ensures that contaminants particular to your local water supply are safely filtered!

Features We Like

  • Comes with a custom pre-filter to protect you from toxins in your water.
  • Alka Prime   has UV Light available as an option which addresses bacteria, virus and cysts in the water.
  • Multiple internal 9 stage filters provide peace of mind and purified water.
  • MESH plates as an option, you get better pH and -ORP with MESH.
  • Seven (7) years warranty on all parts and 7 year of labor.
  • .50 Micron coating of platinum on the plates, thicker than Enagic!
  • Nice easy to read display, and easy to use.
Electrodes 7 (Flat or optional MESH)
Power System SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply)
Power Consumption 200 Watts 
pH Output 4.0 to 11.0 (2.0 to 11.5 with LIFE Super Safe Natural Supplement)*
pH Settings 4 Alkaline / 1 Purified / 4 Acidic
ORP Output up to -600*
Filtration 2 internal (ultra filters) + Custom pre-filtration
Filtration Media pre-carbon, activated carbon, Vitamin C Ceramic Technology
Rated Voltage 110v / 220v
Cleaning Function Advanced RADC self-cleaning function
Flow Control Automatic
Display Color LED w/ automatic voice guidance
Installation Countertop or under counter w/ optional faucet

*Results will vary based on water conditions

Severn (7) years warranty on all parts and ten (7) years on labor.