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Alka Fresh MiniMax Water Ionizer

Have a small kitchen or limited counter space? The Alkafresh Minimax is the perfect solution for those looking for a compact ionizer. However, even though the Minimax is compact, it is still quite powerful producing a very high quality alkaline water. In fact, the Minimax has more power (249 watts) than many higher end machines and 5 large plates for ionization. These features combined with an advanced SMPS power supply help produce more antioxidants and higher pH levels than any other machine in the same price range.

The sleek design of the Minimax also results in an easy to use control panel that will help you change through the different settings as well as monitor the life of the 2 internal filters. The Alkafresh Minimax really lives up to its name by producing high quality water in a compact design!

Features We Like

  • Compact but powerful design (249 watts of power & 5 large electrodes)
  • Pre-filtration that removes the large amounts of contaminants from you water. This leaves you with very clean and healthy water!
  • Extended 7 year warranty period. Many machines only have 5 year warranties!
Electrodes 5
Power System SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply)
Power Consumption 249 Watts
pH Output 4.0 to 10.3
pH Settings 4 Alkaline / 1 Purified / 4 Acidic
ORP Output up to -450* or better
Filtration 2 internal + pre-filtration
Filtration Media pre-carbon, activated carbon
Rated Voltage 110v / 220v
Cleaning Function Self-cleaning
Flow Control Automatic
Display Color LED
Installation Counter top

*Results will vary based on water conditions

7 Year Full Coverage Warranty

The Alkafresh Minimax has an extended warranty of 7 years! Most machines on the market only carry a 5 year warranty, so 7 years peace of mind is really a great deal!

Water Ionizer expert is a Gold Certified Authorized Distributor with every company that we work with!