AlkaFresh™ 9 by AlkaFresh

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Alka Fresh 9 Water Ionizer

High end performance for a mid range price The AlkaFresh™ 9 gives you the performance and features of a high-end ionizer at a price the competes with mid-range ionizers. Thanks to the AlkaFresh™ 9’s plates, it easily reaches a pH of over 11, with an antioxidant ORP of around -800. For the price, you can’t find an ionizer that can beat the AlkaFresh™ 9. AlkaFresh™ has packed this machine with features and power that rival many other companies best water ionizers. One of the features we particularly like is the flow dial. It allows you to adjust the pH, ORP and flow rate of your ionizer. You can run it at it’s highest flow rate for normal use, or if you want stronger alkaline water, reduce the flow rate and then pH and ORP increase.


9 MESH plates

Power System

SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply)

Power Consumption

400 Watts

pH Output

5.5 - 10.5

pH Settings

4 Alkaline / 1 Purified / 4 Acidic

ORP Output

up to -600*


2 internal (ultra filters) + Custom pre-filtration

Filtration Media

pre-carbon, activated carbon, Vitamin C Ceramic Technology

Rated Voltage

110v / 220v

Cleaning Function

Advanced RADC self-cleaning function

Flow Control



Color LED w/ automatic voice guidance



Free Prefilter system - A Water Ionizer Expert exclusive bonus!

Why is a prefilter important? A prefilter system addresses the contaminants found in your water, that your ionizer’s filters don’t. Quality water ionizers have activated carbon filters, they’re very good at filtering chlorine and some toxic metals.  But those may not be the only contaminants in your water. A prefilter system ensures that you get the best quality alkaline water possible by targeting any additional contaminants in your water.

How does Water Ionizer Expert know which contaminants are in your water? We analyze your local water quality report,. Your local water authority files that report with the EPA every year. The report lists all the contaminants found in your local water supply. Using the information in that report, we set up a prefilter system to target those contaminants.

The prefilter system protects you, and you get it free when you purchase your AlkaFresh™ ionizer from Water Ionizer Expert.  AlkaFresh™ doesn’t provide a prefilter system,but we do because we insist that your alkaline water be as fresh and pure as the alkaline water we drink ourselves.

You will love the AlkaFresh™ 9, here’s why:

The AlkaFresh™ 9 has an amazingly high flow rate, we were able to fill a gallon jug with it in just under a minute. Many ionizers in the AlkaFresh™ 9’s price point have good flow rates, but their pH and antioxidant ORP levels drop way off at the machine’s maximum flow rate. AlkaFresh™ is one of the first discount ionizer manufacturer that put enough power in their ionizer to ensure you get the pH and ORP you want for daily drinkin, without having to slow the flow of water down. This is a feature you will really appreciate when your filling pots, pans, and other large containers. The high flow rate and no-compromise power make the AlkaFresh™ 9 one of our most favorite ionizers.

Features we like

  • Custom prefilter system - a Water Ionizer Expert Bonus - included free!

  • Multiple internal filters with 9 stages ensure the purity of your water

  • MESH plates come standard

  • Lifetime warranty on parts, 10 years labor

  • Beautiful finish with large easy to read display