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Is Kangen worth it?

Kangen dealers promote their units as the best units on the market, as if their unit are the only one that will produce high strength alkaline water they call "Kangen Water"… But the truth is, Kangen are overpriced and out of date! Their dealers may have a great sales pitch, but here's the facts:

  • Chemical additives are needed to reach the high pH values that you cook with.
  • Lacks adequate filtration to filter out heavy metals, fluoride and more!
  • Inflated price because of pyramid scheme's commission payouts, not because of better quality.
  • Conditions and stipulations with the 5 year limited warranty make you responsible for anything that goes wrong!

There's a smarter choice…

LIFE Ionizer M9 - The Ultimate Water Ionizer

The best water ionizer on the market today is the all-new LIFE Ionizer M-Series. With the LIFE M-Series, you get more of everything:
  • More Acid Fighting Alkalinity - Up to 11.5 pH without additives or chemicals.
  • More Antioxidant Potential - Up to -860 ORP
  • More Filtration - Protect your family from heavy metals, fluoride and other contaminants with the customised filtration system
  • More Warranty - Guaranteed LIFEtime warranty on all parts and labor for a worry free investment.
  • More Value For Your Money - Save your money and skip paying commissions into pyramid style schemes
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