Water Ionizer Comparison - Compare Under Counter Water Ionizers

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Below are the Top 4 Under Counter Ionizers compared side-by-side for your convenience.

Jupiter Delphi™ Life Ionizers MXL-9 UC Alka Prime S9UC Enagic® SD501
Number of Plates 5 with MESH standard 9 with flat or GRID option 9 with flat or MESH option 7 flat with no MESH option
Power Supply Transformer 105 Watts SMPS (Switch Mode Power System) 386 Watts SMPS (Switch Mode Power System) 229 Watts Transformer 230 Watts
Filters 2 Internal - 9 stages 2 Internal, 9 stages, with free pre-filter 2 Internal, 9 stages, with free pre-filter 1 internal, 3 stages with no pre-filter
Warranty Limited warranty covers all ionizer parts (not accessories) and labor costs in the first 5 years. Also requires a 20% restock fee and 14 days to return unit. Lifetime warranty on parts and labor Limited Lifetime warranty on parts & 10 years labor 5 Years parts & labor
Trial Period 14 days with 20% fee 60 days - 15% fee 60 days 3 days
pH Levels 4.2 - 10.3 4 - 12.0 4.0 - 11.0 4.5 - 11*
Hard Water Adjustment No adjustments possible Yes, programmable Yes, programmable No adjustments possible
ORP Ratings -450 -800 -600 -558
UV Light Disinfection No UV protection Yes, optional Yes, optional No UV protection
How Long Distributor in U.S.? 2007 Since 1996 Since 2012 Since 2004
Year Model Updated 2005 NEW for 2013 (largest electrolysis chamber) NEW for 2013 (largest electrolysis chamber) Never updated
Price $2,650 $2,997 $2,697 $4,980
Vitamin C Ceramic Block® Filtration Not offered Yes, standard feature Yes, standard feature Not offered
Energy Frequency Technology (EFT) Not offered Yes, optional feature Yes, optional feature Not offered
WQA Gold Seal Certified Lead Free Not WQA Certified Not WQA Certified Yes WQA Certified Yes WQA Certified

(The term Enagic® is a registered trademark of Enagic® Co. Ltd.)

Ionizer Features Explained

Number of Plates

Total number of plates in the ionization chamber, MESH plates are more efficient than ordinary plates. Look for the thickness of the Platinum over the Titanium plates as this determines the life of the plates.

Power Supply

SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply): An energy saving feature that allows higher power levels; cooler running; lighter weight; lasts longer. Transformers are generally considered to be obsolete.


Multiple filters with multiple stages allow for more efficient filtration. Custom pre-filters are an added plus as it is best to filter the water before it even reaches the internal filters.

Trial Period*

Enagic® only allows 3 days with a full refund, up to 30 days with an $800 restocking fee.

pH Level*

pH is a measure of alkalinity, Enagic® SD-501 requires chemical additives to reach its full pH range

Hard Water Adjustment

Hard water can affect the quality of the water an ionizer produces. Adjustment allows you to get the best performance possible. Custom pre-filters can help address this as it can be a big problem for ionizers.

ORP Levels

ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) measures the antioxidant potential of alkaline water. ORP performance is dependent number & size of plates; power and type of power supply to plates; plate design (flat or MESH) and on the tap water quality.

UV Light Disinfection

Used to address bacteria, cysts, and viruses. Makes water safer.

Vitamin C Ceramic Block® Filtration

Filtration that uses vitamin C in a ceramic matrix, the only filtration technology that is effective against chlorine, chloramines and toxic byproducts.

Energy Frequency Technology (EFT)

EFT harnesses the power of Quantum Biology to energize water with 205 healthful energy frequencies.