The New 2014 Life Ionizers Next Generation M-11 Series: Same sleek unit but with MORE!

  • Largest total Platinum/Titanium plate surface area of any home ionizer
  • More Power – 110% more power than this year’s M9 Life Ionizer
  • Highest Water Flow – 25% faster than this year’s M9 Life Ionizer
  • Highest Antioxidant Potential (-ORP) – 20% more than this year’s M9 Life Ionizer

The Most Advanced Technology on the Planet!

  • Much larger plates than this year’s M Series
  • Two (2) more plates than our M9 Series
  • More Power than ANY residential ionizer – we guarantee it!
  • Includes LIFE’s industry leading filtration technology for the purest alkaline water possible
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Why choose an 11 plate over a 9 plate ionizer?

11 plate ionizers meet the demand for stronger alkaline water and higher low rates. The higher power and increased plate surface area of an 11 plate ionizer means that you get the strongest alkaline water at the highest flow rate possible. People who buy water ionizers often find out that they need a lot more alkaline water than they thought they needed! The reason is simple, the water is cleaner, healthier, and tastes better. You want alkaline water to cook with, to take to the office, to share with friends, and more. An 11 plate ionizer delivers that alkaline water, at the potency you want, in less time than any other ionizer.

All that power is backed by LIFE’s unlimited lifetime guarantee! With the LIFE M-11 you get everything: Power, purity, and performance that competing ionizers can’t match.

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