Compare Life Ionizers & Enagic®

Enagic / Kangen® is one of the most well-known alkaline water ionizers in the world.
This comparison chart shows which ionizer is actually the best ionizer and the best value.

Life Ionizers: Lifetime Warranty versus Kangen: 5 year warranty
Life Ionizers: 11/13 Plates versus Kangen: 7 plates
Life Ionizers: Over 500 watts versus Kangen: 235 watts
Life Ionizers: 4 Filters versus Kangen: 1 Filter
Top 4 Under Counter Ionizers compared Jupiter Delphi™

2020 Life Ionizer MXL-11 CT & UC

Top 4 Under Counter Ionizers compared LIFE™ M-9U

Enagic Kangen® LeveLuk SD501

Top 4 Under Counter Ionizers compared AlkaPrime S-9U

2020 Life Ionizer MXL-13 CT & UC

AlkaViva Vesta GL by Jupiter

Rating 1-10

Titanium/Platinum Plate Specifications

The more plates and the larger the size, the better water will be produced.
This must be coupled with a high power supply.

Number of Plates
Mesh or Flat Plate Options
Flat or
GRID Option
MESH Option
Flat or
GRID Option
MESH Option
Size of plate surface
Adjustable to 800 Watts
230 Watts
Adjustable to 800 Watts
200+ Watts

Interior and Pre-filtration

The more filters, the purer the water going into your machine. Ionizers with 2 interior filters and custom pre-filtration systems are the best.

Filtration System
2 Internal, 9 stages, with free pre-filter system
1 Internal, 3 stages with no pre-filter
2 Internal, 9 stages, with free pre-filter system
2 Internal filters, no prefilters
Vitamin C Ceramic Block® Filtration Chlorine/ Chloramine Reduction

Yes, standard feature

Not Available

Yes, standard feature

Not Available

Warranty and Service

The length of time a distributor has been established is important when it comes to the warranty so that they will be around to service your ionizer. Look for a lifetime parts warranty and a good labor warranty. Many of these companies cover parts but hit you with big labor bills. Optimally a lifetime parts and labor warranty makes it a great system.

Lifetime warranty on both parts & labor. Guaranteed for life.
5 Year warranty on parts & labor
Lifetime warranty on both parts & labor. Guaranteed for life.
7 Years Parts
& Labor
Trial Period
60 days - 15% fee
7-30 days - $800 fee
60 days - 15% fee

Alkaline/pH and Antioxidant Potential/ORP Specifications

The best health results come from the water that is the most optimized. So look for a high negative ORP (antioxidant potential) and a high alkaline mineral level (pH). The best system produces high – ORP at a drinkable pH level.

pH Levels
2.0 - 12.0
4.5 - 11.0*
1.7 - 12.2
5.5 - 10.5

Type of Power System

Some machines use the old-fashioned transformer. Look for an ionizer that uses an SMPS power
system for longer life, better warranty and the maximum optimization of your water.

Power Supply
(Switch Mode Power System)
Old fashioned transformer
(Switch Mode Power System)
Hard Water Adjustment

Yes, programmable

No adjustments

Yes, programmable

No adjustments
ORP Ratings

Optional Features

The more advanced companies offer useful upgrades.

UV Light Disinfection

Yes, optional

Yes, optional

Energy Technologies (EFT & Laser)

Yes, optional

Yes, optional

Distributor Information

It is best to deal with a more established dealer who sells Korean or Japanese ionizers. The longer they are established the more probable are they to be there to service your system and provide support.

How Long Distributor in U.S.?
Since 1996
Since 2004
Since 1996
Since 2011
Country of origin design/ manufacture
USA / Korea
USA / Korea

Note: all specifications and information has been resourced from manufacturer’s websites
and other marketing materials. If any inconsistencies are noticed, please contact us.

*Wider pH range is available with use of chemicals

Ionizer Features Explained

Number of Plates

Total numbers of plates in the ionization chamber, MESH plates are more efficient than ordinary plates. Look at the thickness of the Platinum on the Titanium plates as this determines the life of the plates.

Power Supply

SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply): An energy saving feature that allows higher power levels; cooler running; lighter weight; and ensures the ionizer lasts longer. Transformers are generally considered to be obsolete as they run hotter and do not last as long. They are also heavier.


Multiple filters with multiple stages allow for more efficient filtration. Custom pre-filters are an added plus as they extend the life of the internal filters. It is best to filter the water of some toxins before it even reaches the internal filters. There are some companies that review the Federal Water Report for your source water and provide custom pre-filtration – this is a benefit to you.

Trial Period*

This is the amount of time an ionizer company will let you try out the machine. All water ionizers are subject to a return fee during the trial period.

pH Level*

pH is a measure of the potential hydrogen in the water. It compares the amount of hydrogen available to the amount of oxygen available. If there's more hydrogen than oxygen, you get an alkaline pH.

Hard Water Adjustment

Hard water can affect the quality of the water an ionizer produces. Adjustment allows you to get the best performance possible. Custom pre-filters can help address this as it can be a big problem for ionizers.

ORP Levels

ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) measures the antioxidant potential of alkaline water. ORP performance is dependent number & size of plates; power and type of power supply to plates; plate design (flat or MESH) and on the tap water quality

UV Light Disinfection

Designed to inactivate bacteria and cysts in the water, makes water safer.

Vitamin C Ceramic Block® Filtration

Vitamin C Ceramic Block is a filtration technology that uses vitamin C in a ceramic matrix. This is the only filtration technology that is effective against chlorine and chloramines

Energy Frequency Technology

EFT harnesses the power of Quantum Biology to energize water with 205 healthful energy frequencies.

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