Compare & Review the Most Popular Countertop Water Ionizers on the Market

Water Ionizer Expert carries the best countertop water ionizers on the market today, including: Alkazone, Biontech, A2O, Alka Fresh, Alkazone, and Life Ionizers. We carry everything from entry-level units perfect for maintaining good health, all the way to top-of-the-line home water ionizers and even commercial machines. We recommend buying convertible countertop water ionizers, because convertible machines can later be converted to undercounter use if you wish, with the addition of a faucet control.

Note: The above ionizers were picked out for performance and value. We have determined that some off brands have a good value while some well known brands actually don’t function as well and are not a good value. These under the counter models all have stainless steel faucets with built-in control on the faucet. Other than Enagic/Kangen®, all other brands use plastic with a chrome plastic coating. Please feel free to call our Water Ionizer Experts with any questions.

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