Advantages of Ionized Alkaline Water

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Advantages of Ionized Alkaline Water

Advantages of Ionized Alkaline Water

Ionized alkaline water is better than bottled alkaline water because it has antioxidant potential. That antioxidant potential provides many health benefits that you don’t get from bottled alkaline water. You can’t get ionized alkaline water in stores because it’s antioxidant potential doesn’t keep if you bottle it. That antioxidant potential is what gives ionized alkaline water it’s legendary age-defying qualities.

What is antioxidant potential?

The power to resist oxidation. Antioxidant potential measures ionized alkaline water’s ability to resist oxidation. In the body, oxidation damages tissues and DNA. Oxidation is caused by radicals, which are particles that lack electrons. Radicals will grab electrons from anything they touch, and when they do, whatever they took the electrons from becomes damaged or destroyed.

Rust is a form of oxidation that happens to metal. When Iron gets oxidized, oxygen grabs electrons from it, this results with the oxygen combining with the iron to form iron oxide. As you know, that process of oxidation destroys the iron. The same thing happens to your organs and DNA when it is oxidized by radicals.

Antioxidants have extra electrons which they give up to radicals. This process, which is called the redox process, neutralizes the radicals. That prevents them from damaging or destroying organs and DNA. Research has shown that reducing oxidation in the body can help reduce your chances of developing degenerative diseases like dementia, and it may even extend your life.

The benefits of antioxidant ionized alkaline water shown in studies

Brain health. Oxidation in the brain leads to degenerative brain diseases like dementia. Antioxidant supplements can’t protect your brain from oxidation, because they are blocked from entering the brain by the blood/brain barrier. That barrier separates the brain from the rest of the circulatory system, it blocks toxins and other impurities from entering the brain.

Ionized alkaline water passes right through the blood/brain barrier, so it can deliver its antioxidant potential to the brain. Animal studies show that’s exactly what happens when animals are given ionized alkaline water. That research needs to be confirmed in humans, but at the very least it shows that ionized alkaline water holds promise as a method for protecting the brain from oxidative damage.

Extend Lifespan. Research on animals has also shown that ionized alkaline water has the potential to extend lifespan. Studies have shown that ionized alkaline water significantly reduces the accumulation of Reactive Oxygen Species, (ROS) radicals which cause oxidation in the body. Oxidation caused by excessive levels of ROS is considered to be a factor in premature aging and the development of degenerative disease. Limited clinical research in humans shows that ionized alkaline water has a “sparing effect” on the body’s antioxidant enzymes. This suggests that ionized alkaline water may help you live longer by supplementing your body’s own antioxidant enzymes.

Ionized alkaline water increases the antioxidant benefit of coffee and tea

Most everybody knows that tea has antioxidant benefits, but fewer people know that coffee is also an antioxidant! In fact, coffee may be America’s favorite antioxidant. The great news is that ionized alkaline water can increase the antioxidant benefits of both coffee and tea, plus it makes them taste better.

Ionized alkaline water TRIPLES the antioxidant benefit of vitamin C

The antioxidant in Vitamin C is called ascorbic acid. When you combine it with ionized alkaline water, it forms calcium ascorbate, which is much easier for the body to absorb than ascorbic acid.

There are several easy ways to mix ionized alkaline water with vitamin C. You can add a twist of any citrus fruit to your water, such as lemons, oranges, grapefruit etc. You can also buy a powdered electrolytes (life Emergen-C) and mix it with your ionized alkaline water. Either way, you’ll be giving your body a blast of easy to absorb antioxidants.

Ionized alkaline water + electrolytes = Ultimate sports power drink

Want more power in your workouts? We’ve saved ‘the best’ benefit of ionized alkaline water for last. If you mix ionized alkaline water with a powdered electrolyte beverage mix, such as Gatorade, it makes an incredible sports drink. You will have noticeably more power, greater endurance, and be able to perform at your peak for longer.

The staff here at Water Ionizer Expert is into fitness, we’ve tried the combination of ionized alkaline water and electrolytes in our workouts and it works. It doesn’t matter if you’re dancing, lifting weights, training in mixed martial arts, jogging or bicycling: You will feel a big difference in your workouts with ionized alkaline water and electrolytes.

The most important thing to remember with ionized alkaline water is that you want the highest antioxidant potential possible. The higher the antioxidant potential, the more benefit you get from the water. Water Ionizer Expert can help you find the machine with the highest antioxidant potential for your budget. Just give us a call

Want the benefits of ionized alkaline water in your home? It’s easier than you think, just call 855 843-6506. Call now!

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