Webetop Water Ionizer: Alkaline Water Machine Review

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Webetop Water Ionizer:  Alkaline Water Machine Review

Webetop Water Ionizer: Alkaline Water Machine Review

We couldn’t believe our eyes. The Webetop water ionizer is a tiny little machine for less than $500. We wondered; how well could this machine perform at such a low price? What we found out was, it doesn’t perform very well at all. The Webetop water ionizer appears to be the latest low price alkaline water machine scams: Machines that come with a price tag that looks too good to be true, and when you test the machine, that turns out to be the case.

Who makes the Webetop water ionizer?

The first big red flag that should concern you is that you can’t find any company on the Webetop water ionizer, water ionizer review web called Webetop. This machine is sold only through Amazon and eBay. The problem with that is that this could be a “pump and dump” scam. How the scam works is like this: The scammer buys a bunch of cheap, poor quality machines that don’t really work. They put them on Amazon and eBay for a really cheap price, hoping they sell quickly. They buy several of the units themselves and they write grandiose reviews setting how well they work.  Once people find out they got ripped off, the scammer then closes their Amazon and eBay stores, and simply disappears.

We found this machine offered by another website that has the title: “Alkaline water machine bad for you.” That title’s poor grammar is a tip-off that the seller is probably overseas, so it’s unlikely if you fall for this scam that you’ll ever get your money back.

No customer reviews

Another thing that should concern you about this machine is that you can’t find any verified customer reviews on Amazon. Keep in mind that anyone can review a product on Amazon, but only people who actually bought the product on Amazon can give a verified customer review. This machine has two reviews showing, but neither is from an actual customer. The same is true for eBay: No actual customer reviews.  And again, even if you do see 5 star reviews, it is because the scam artist had associates buy the product and write a great review, even when the product is not a good one.

The Webetop water ionizer can’t do what it claims

The seller of this machine claims it has a pH range of 3.5 to 10.5, but there’s no way this machine could do that unless you add chemicals to the water. It has only 90 watts of power maximum, that’s simply not enough to produce the advertised pH range unless the filter is adding some chemical to the water to enhance electrolysis. The problem with that is that you don’t know what they are spiking your water with.

This machine has only a single filter, and we have no idea what the filter media is because Webetop doesn’t give any information on the filter. A single filter isn’t enough to protect you from all the toxins commonly found in tap water. There are no prefilters available for this machine, so you’d be stuck with it’s inadequate filter.

The Webetop ionizer also claims to generate hydrogen, but it doesn’t have enough power to do that. Hydrogen water ionizers are a scam anyways because hydrogen is lighter than air. So while you’re waiting for your glass to fill, any hydrogen a machine does make will simply escape. Water can only hold a tiny amount of hydrogen dissolved in it, way too little to have any effect on your health whatsoever.

When it comes to water ionizers, you get what you pay for

Water ionizer expert has tested and reviewed many low-priced water ionizers and has never found one that works well. Good quality ionizers begin around $1,500 because of the platinum used to coat the plates. Platinum is very expensive, as of the date this was written, platinum sells for $950 an ounce. Really cheap ionizers cut corners by using extremely thin coatings of platinum, or in some cases they have no platinum coating on their plates at all, which can be an extreme health hazard. The plates in a water ionizer are coated with platinum to protect your health. With a cheap ionizer, you run the risk of getting impurities in your water that can put your health at risk. Is it really worth risking your health just to save a few bucks?


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