LIFE Ionizers M-15 Series XL : Water Ionizer Review

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LIFE Ionizers M-15 Series XL : Water Ionizer Review

Water Ionizer Review - LIFE Ionizers M-15 Series XL

The LIFE M 15 Series XL is an impressive machine: It’s the world’s most powerful water ionizer, the world’s first 15 plate water ionizer, and is packed with a whole bunch of cutting edge technology that you can’t find in other brands of water ionizers. So we expected a lot when we set this machine up for its 10 point inspection review. The M 15 delivered, we got the highest pH and antioxidant ORP levels ever produced by any home water ionizer, the highest flow rate we’ve ever seen, and the cleanest and best-tasting alkaline water we have ever had.

Performance: pH and antioxidant ORP levels

The M 15 we tested came with LIFE’s optional XL Matrix GRID Plate Technology. These new plates have higher edge density - the amount of edge-surface area - than our previous GRID plates. Higher edge density increases plate efficiency, so machines with these plates perform exceptionally well. LIFE’s M 15 Series XL did just that: It delivered the highest pH and antioxidant ORP levels we’ve ever seen in a home water ionizer:

LIFE Ionizers M 15 Series XL water ionizer: pH and ORP levels*

  • pH range: 1.8 - 12.2
  • ORP: Up to -1005 mV Highest antioxidant level of all water ionizers!

* With LIFE’s optional XL Matrix GRID plates

This is the first time we’ve seen a home water ionizer produce drinkable alkaline water with a pH of greater than 12. We wondered how the water tasted with a pH so high, so we tried it: The water is sweet and delicious, it’s high pH doesn’t affect the taste at all. For athletes and people with tough health challenges, the M 15 is a must!

So what do you use high pH alkaline water for? Use it for cooking, detoxing vegetables, making coffee and tea to make them less acidic, sports, and fighting tough body acidity challenges like acid reflux. Athletes will notice a real boost in their performance when using high pH alkaline water to alkalize their bodies prior to working out.

M15 the most powerful and efficient water ionizer in the world

The M 15 is the most powerful water ionizer we’ve ever tested, and it’s also the most efficient. Here’s why: Water ionizers make alkaline and acidic water at the same time. Conventional ionizers produce 50% alkaline, and 50% acidic water. The M 15 does a lot better: It produces 67% alkaline water and only 33% acidic water. So the M 15 is a water saver plus it dispenses the water faster..

An added plus is that the acidic water produced has a very low pH, and a very high oxidative ORP. This makes that acid water extremely good as a hair and beauty rinse, and makes it more effective at sanitizing surfaces. It also effectively balances soil pH, your plants would love it!

Must-have options on the M 15

LIFE Ionizers offers some incredible optional technologies that you only find in the Life Ionizer brand, as Life is the most advanced technology ionizer company on the planet.  You can’t find these technologies anywhere else. These include UV Light Technology disinfection, XL Matrix Heavy-Duty GRID Plate Technologies and RFID Chip Filter Life Technology. If you are looking for an undercounter water ionizer, LIFE Ionizers is by far the best choice. They now offer a range of stainless steel faucet kits for their ionizers which come in a variety of finishes, there’s one that’s sure to complement the look of your kitchen perfectly. All other ionizer companies only offer one style of faucet, and many of them look cheap and are made of plastic with a chrome paint. LIFE’s faucets are solid metal, they’re built to last a lifetime.

Must have options on the LIFE Ionizers M 15 Series XL

  • UV Light Disinfection: Kills viruses, bacteria, mold, and cysts
  • XL Matrix GRID plates: Increase pH and ORP performance
  • Under Counter Faucet Kit: Convenience and looks great in your kitchen

UV Light Disinfection: Your water supply can become infected with pathogens like viruses, bacteria, mold, and cysts, and you won’t even know it until it’s too late. For the elderly, they face a 12% higher risk of getting a stomach infection from even properly treated tap water! UV Light destroys bacteria, viruses, mold, and cysts on contact. LIFE Ionizers new UV Light Disinfection system offers you peace of mind, 24 hours a day. UV Light disinfection is a LIFE Ionizers exclusive technology. No other brand of ionizer offers UV Light Disinfection.

XL Matrix Grid Plates: LIFE’s new XL Matrix GRID plates are a big leap forward for water ionizer plate technology. They enable the M 15 to reach the high pH and ORP levels we reported in this article, while reducing power usage and water use. We highly recommend XL Heavy-Duty GRID Plate Technologies to get the most out of your LIFE Ionizer

Under counter faucet kit: The under counter faucet kit comes in a variety of finishes: Brushed stainless, burnt copper, and chrome. The faucet has a large easy-to-read digital readout, and large, easy-to-use touch controls. Opting for the faucet enables you to put your ionizer under the counter, which saves counter space.

Filtration, and the main reason you should go with LIFE Ionizers

Also new for 2018 is LIFE’s upgraded filters. LIFE added NSF-certified filter media to reduce heavy metals. They also upgraded their filters with anti-scale technology which significantly reduces hard water scale build up. Water ionizers are even more susceptible to hard water scale build up than other appliances, so scale reduction technology is a huge plus!

The reason you should go with LIFE Ionizers: LIFE’s new filters add desperately needed heavy metal reduction and scale reduction technology to their already outstanding exclusive custom filtration. The main reason you should go with LIFE? They added their new filter technology to their entire line of water ionizer filters! This means that existing LIFE Ionizer owners will also get this new filter technology for their machines!

LIFE Ionizers is the only water ionizer company that upgrades not only it’s new ionizers, but wherever possible provides upgrades for it’s entire line of ionizers. Add to this free upgrade LIFE’s excellent customer service, and you can easily see that LIFE takes better care of it’s existing customers than any other brand of water ionizer. LIFE’s customer support and upgrades after the sale is in a class by itself, no other brand takes care of it’s customers like LIFE. This is the main reason we here at Water Ionizer Expert favor LIFE over all other brands. They simply take better care of our customers than any other brand.

We’ve got deals! Call us at 855 843-6506 for incredible money-saving offers on the all new 2018 LIFE Ionizers

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