Amway eSpring Alkaline Water Filter Review

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Amway eSpring Alkaline Water Filter Review

The Amway eSpring is an alkaline water filter that connects to your kitchen sink. It alkalizes your water by adding minerals to it. At $1484, the eSpring costs about as much as some entry-level water ionizers. So how does the eSprings’ performance compare to a water ionizer? Not very well, if you’re considering the eSpring, we recommend saving your money. You can get just as good pH and ORP performance out of the $50 Pitcher of LIFE.

eSpring alkaline filter: pH and ORP levels

The eSpring is an alkaline water filter, so the pH and ORP levels you get depend on the hardness of your water. The tap water here at Water Ionizer Expert is hard water, so we didn’t expect the eSpring to raise the pH of our water that much. But even with low
expectations, the eSpring was a real disappointment:




















  • ORP level: -98
  • pH level: 9.25

 By way of comparison, the LIFE Ionizers M5, which costs about the same as the eSpring, can raise the pH of our water up to 10.3, a full one pH higher than the eSpring. Since the pH scale is logarithmic, an increase of a pH of one is a full ten times increase in alkalinity over the eSpring! The M5 delivers a much higher antioxidant ORP as well, we got an ORP of -503, 500% higher than the eSpring can reach.

Why is alkalinity and antioxidant ORP so important?

Because alkalinity and antioxidant ORP are what deliver the health benefits of alkaline water. As we age, our bodies’ ability to neutralize acidity declines. So the body can use a little help dealing with the acidity from diet and exercise. Restoring a more youthful pH balance helps protect your bones and vital organs from the damaging effects of over acidity.

The antioxidant potential of alkaline water is just as important. Our bodies antioxidant levels also decline as we age. That enables the buildup of harmful Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and Reactive Nitrogen Species (RNS) that are a part of premature aging, and degenerative conditions like Dementia. Alkaline waters’ antioxidant potential can help restore your body’s antioxidant levels so it resists the damage caused by ROS and RNS.

eSpring filtration

The eSpring uses a basic carbon block filter and a UV light filter, which is good for inactivating bacteria in your water. But for a system that costs as much as the eSpring, it’s single carbon filter is simply inadequate. The filter lasts 12 months on the eSpring, which is good. But the filter also represents a bottleneck in this system. Since the filter has to filter toxins and raise the pH of the water, the flow rate on the eSpring is very slow. You’ll be standing in front of the sink for a long time when filling large containers.

The ionizer that we are comparing it to, the LIFE Ionizer M5, comes with two internal filters and custom pre-filtration - which means 4 filters compared to 1 filter for the eSpring. If you are worried about toxins in your water supply, you are much better off going with the LIFE Ionizer. You can get UV light filtration as an option on the M5. The LIFE M5 has a decent flow rate, so you don’t have to hang around the sink for a long time when filling large containers.

Bottom line: Should you buy the eSpring?

The eSpring is just too expensive. Alkaline water filters typically sell for a lot less than water ionizers because the alkaline water they make has less alkalinity and antioxidant potential than the alkaline water made by a water ionizer. The LIFE Ionizer we’ve been comparing the eSpring to beats the eSpring hands down where it matters: The acid fighting alkalinity of the water it makes, and the antioxidant potential of the water it makes. Keep in mind, those two things: Alkalinity and antioxidant potential are what gives alkaline water it’s healthy qualities. To get the most bang for your buck, you want to get the machine that performs the best, and that machine is the LIFE M5 in this case.

Why is the eSpring so expensive? The Amway eSpring suffers from the same problem that the Kangen Machine does, it’s sold through multi-level marketing. Anything sold through multi-level is going to be about twice as expensive as competing products sold conventionally. That’s why the vastly superior LIFE M5 is able to compete price-wise with the Amway eSpring.

Having a hard time choosing the right alkaline water system for your needs? Call an expert for a free consultation at 855 843-6506. We’ll help you find the best system for your budget and needs, we guarantee it

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Like Laura said eSpring is NOT an alkalising filter. It is certified by NSF to remove particulates, chlorine, chemicals that are health risks and kills micro organisms harmful to our health. If your tests show ionization that is incidental to eSpring purification process.

Posted by Louis Blake on September 10, 2017

Espring is NOT an alkinizing filter. I bought it because I tasted the water and the taste was like spring water. I deeply dislike these MLM companies, and I still have doubts about the product, but the water is much better than the one coming from my old very complicated filter. I will try to get a water analysis, too.

Posted by Laura on July 31, 2017

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