New 2018 Model Water Ionizers | In stock now!

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New 2018 Model Water Ionizers | In stock now!

New 2018 Model Water Ionizers | In stock now!

Water Ionizer Expert is committed to finding and providing new water ionizers that deliver more value for you. We are very excited to announce that LIFE Ionizers has just released their new completely redesigned 2018 MXL-Series water ionizers. These alkaline water machines incorporate all the latest technological advances in water ionizer technology. They are able to make the purest, alkaline mineral water with the highest antioxidant potential we’ve ever seen! We’ve tested these machines against Enagic/Kangen®, Jupiter/Ionways®, and others, none of them even came close.

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Why the 2018 LIFE MXL Series beats competing water ionizers

  • Better filtration - custom filtration that targets the toxins in your water

  • Water Purity - Free water report analysis and a free custom pre-filter system

  • Max Yield™ Power - Up to 800 Watts for top-of-the-line LIFE MXL ionizers

  • Bigger plates - The LIFE MXL Series with Max Plates™ have the most plate surface area of all home water ionizers

  • The New 2018 MXL Series with Heavy-Duty GRID Plate Technology™ and MAX Plate: 8 layers of Platinum over Industrial Titanium

  • More molecular hydrogen: Life's new Hydrogen XL technology gives you more molecular hydrogen than any other brand guaranteed!

What does all this technology mean to you?

  • Ultimate protection from contaminants and toxins

  • Highest antioxidant potential at water pH that is perfect for daily use

  • Fills your water with hydrogen thanks to new Hydrogen XL technology

  • Best warranties - Unlimited lifetime warranty on top-of-the-line Life Models

Two new models to choose from!

Life Ionizers has released two new MXL-Series water ionizers. The MXL-13 is their top-of-the-line model with 13 plates. The MXL-15 is LIFE’s new ultimate hydrogen water machine:

Life MXL-13

  • 13 Max Plates

  • pH of up to 11.5

  • Antioxidant ORP up to -800

  • Hydrogen XL technology
  • Unlimited lifetime warranty

Life MXL-15

  • 15 Max Plates

  • pH of up to 12

  • Antioxidant ORP up to -900

  • Hydrogen XL technology
  • Unlimited lifetime warranty

Countertop or Under the Counter - why not both?

One of the things we like the best about LIFE Ionizers is that their water ionizers are convertible. This means that you can use your ionizer on the countertop, or with the addition of Life’s faucet kit, you can use it under the counter. Life Ionizers is the only water ionizer that is convertible. All other brands force you to choose between countertop and under the counter. This means once you make your choice, you’re stuck with it.

With Life’s M-Series, you can buy a countertop unit now, and if you want to use it under counter, simply order Life’s faucet kit. This is a wonderful feature that prevents the buyer’s remorse we hear from people that bought competing units that don’t convert.

Why you will love the Life MXL-Series Water Ionizers

Life packed all this technology into a sleek newly designed system that is easy to use. The MXL Series has a modern finish that will complement the look of your kitchen. You will love the way the controls are set up on the ionizer. If you choose to use it under counter, you'll love the controls on Life’s completely redesigned stainless steel faucet. The MXL-Series is very easy to use, and the display is large and easy to read.

Best tasting alkaline water - Guaranteed!

You will love the way the alkaline water you get from these machines tastes. In fact, Life Ionizers™ guarantees the alkaline water from your new Life MXL-Series will taste better than any bottled water that you may be drinking right now! Life can offer this guarantee because of the advanced filtration technologies they use. No competing ionizer company offers this guarantee because they know their filters allow some contaminants through which affects the taste of your water.

Thinking about alkaline water drops? Better read this first!

Limited time offer!

Contact us today at (888) 966-9792  for special introductory deals on the all-new MXL-Series - Hurry! These deals won’t last long!

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Hello Rory,
You will need to add a remineralization cartridge to your RO system for the alkalizing machine to work with your RO system. We have that cartridge, feel free to contact us for info

Posted by Water Ionizer Expert on July 17, 2018

We are interested in finding a top rated ionizer. The Life-MXL series seems to fit. We have a RO system currently. Can you run RO water into the alkalizing machine and end up with good ionized alkaline water??

Posted by Rory Wagner on May 14, 2018

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