The Best Water Ionizer on the Market Today

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The Best Water Ionizer on the Market Today

The Best Water Ionizer on the Market Today

The best water ionizer brand on the market today is LIFE Ionizers. Why, because LIFE Ionizers has the best water filtration in the industry. Even LIFE’s competitors, such as Enagic acknowledge that LIFE Ionizers is the industry leader when it comes to filtration. Another reason LIFE Ionizers is clearly the best is that LIE Ionizers has – by far – the largest line of water ionizers. LIFE Ionizers has everything from their popular Pitcher of LIFE alkaline water filter pitcher, to commercial water ionizers for bottling plants that can crank out over 500 gallons of alkaline water per hour!

Why LIFE Ionizers water filtration is better

LIFE Ionizers has exclusive patented water filtration technology that makes a big difference in the quality of the water their machines produce. LIFE’s Vitamin C Ceramic Block filtration is the ultimate chlorine-reduction technology. This type of filtration technology is used by hospitals and laboratories in situations where chlorine must be eliminated from water.

LIFE also provides a free pre-filter with every water ionizer that is selected based on information from your local water quality report. The EPA requires your local water authority to file a report annually that lists any toxins found in your water supply. LIFE Ionizers makes sure that those toxins are filtered by providing you with a pre-filter that is designed to filter them.

Bottom Line: LIFE Ionizers is the only choice if you are concerned about alkaline water purity

LIFE Ionizers - Best pH and –ORP

Another reason that LIFE is considered to be the industry-leading water ionizer company it the pH and –ORP performance of their ionizers. LIFE focused on putting a lot of power into their alkaline water machines, and backed it up with the thickest coating of platinum in the industry - .75 microns. By way of comparison Enagic – which costs about twice as much as LIFE Ionizers – only puts a .25 micron coating of platinum on their plates. The New 2015 M Series with the New 2015 Heavy-Duty GRID Plate Technology™ with MAX Plate: 8 layers of Platinum over Industrial Titanium.

Bottom Line: LIFE Ionizers has a 300% thicker coating of platinum than any other water ionizer sold today

LIFE Ionizers Best Value for the Money

We recommend LIFE Ionizers over all other brands for one simple reason: You get more for your money. The quality of the alkaline water you get from an alkaline water machine depends entirely on the machine’s filtration. LIFE’s filtration is the best; even competitors like Enagic admit that!

You also get a powerful ionizer that can deliver the healthy alkaline water you need to make a difference in your health. Plus, the icing on the cake: LIFE’s top of-the-line models come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

We have the best deals on LIFE Ionizers! Call us today at: (800) 920-3792 and take charge of your health

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