LIFE Water Ionizers compared to Enagic Kangen

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LIFE Water Ionizers compared to Enagic Kangen

LIFE Water Ionizers compared to Enagic Kangen

LIFE Ionizers and Enagic® Kangen are the two oldest water ionizer companies on the market today. Both LIFE and Enagic® are distributed worldwide. Otherwise, the two companies couldn’t be more different. For example, LIFE Ionizers provides a complete range of water ionizers. From small systems like the Pitcher of LIFE and the LIFE Fuzion travel water ionizer, all the way up to industrial water ionizers that can make over 500 Gallons of ionized water per hour! Enagic® only provides consumer-level water ionizers. An important consideration when comparing Enagic® to LIFE Ionizers is the level of expertise that each company can bring to your water ionizer purchasing process

LIFE vs. Enagic® – Alkaline Water Purity

The quality of the alkaline water you get from a water ionizer depends on the quality of the water going in to your ionizer. LIFE Ionizers evaluates your water quality at time of purchase by analyzing your local water quality report. LIFE then gives you a pre-filter that is selected based on toxins found in your water. LIFE also uses dual internal filters with laboratory-grade Vitamin C Ceramic Block filtration.

Enagic® does not evaluate your water quality, and doesn’t give you a pre filter. If you want a pre-filter with the Kangen Water® machine (we recommend it!) you have to pay extra for it. The Kangen Water® machine has only a single filter that does not filter metals or salt in your water.

Bottom Line: LIFE Ionizers beats Enagic® on water purity

LIFE vs. Enagic® – Alkaline water pH and –ORP

The strength of the alkaline water an ionizer can make depends on how much power it can put to its plates, the type of plates used, and ratio of plate size to power. LIFE Ionizers offer your choice of GRID or flat plates, and guarantees those plates for life. Top-of-the-line LIFE Ionizers can make alkaline water with a pH of higher than 11, and a –ORP of over -800 mV depending on source water. The New 2015 M Series with the New 2015 Heavy-Duty GRID Plate Technology™ with MAX Plate: 8 layers of Platinum over Industrial Titanium.

The Kangen Water® machine comes with flat plates, while the plates are large, the kangen machine’s performance suffers because it has a low power to plate size ratio. Without the use of added chemicals, the Kangen Water® machine reaches a ph of about 9.5 and a –ORP of about -300. If you use Enagic®’s chemical additive it will reach higher pH and –ORP levels

Bottom Line: LIFE Ionizers can make stronger alkaline water without chemicals than Enagic®

Expertise | Why LIFE Ionizers is better than Enagic®

LIFE Ionizers has expertise that Enagic® doesn’t. That’s why LIFE can evaluate your local water quality, and Enagic® can’t. LIFE’s expertise ensures that your water is properly filtered, and purity matters when it comes to alkaline water for health.  LIFE Ionizers is also better equipped to help you find the right water ionizer for your needs. Whether for personal use or if you want to set up a bottling plant and sell alkaline water commercially, LIFE Ionizers can help you do it.

Bottom line: LIFE Ionizers has water quality experts on staff, Enagic® has multi-level sales people with no training in water quality issues.

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