Water Ionizer Reviews | Enagic vs. Alkaprime

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Water Ionizer Reviews | Enagic vs. Alkaprime

Water Ionizer Reviews | Enagic vs. Alkaprime

Alkaprime water ionizers are a recent addition to the water ionizer market that is backed by tried and true technology and offered at some of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen. Enagic has been selling the same water ionizer, the Leveluk SD-501 since the 90’s, and it is the most expensive home water ionizer on the market. So how does the newcomer stack up against the established brand? Alkaprime beats Enagic, in every respect.

Alkaprime S9C vs. Enagic SD-501 pH and -ORP

One of the biggest differences between these two ionizers is price. The Enagic SD-501 costs $3,950; the Alkaprime comes in at just $2,297, a savings of $1653! The huge savings that comes from the value-priced Alkaprime belies the fact that it is a feature-packed ionizer that compares favorably with many companies’ high end models.

The Alkaprime S9C beat the SD-501 in our pH and –ORP test, which was not surprising since the Alkaprime has 9 plates, and the Enagic has only 7. The Alkaprime’s plates are of higher quality than Enagic’s too. The S9C’s plates have a .50 micron coating of platinum, vs. Enagic’s .25 microns. 

The Alkaprime offers optional MESH plates, which Enagic does not have. We like MESH plates because they deliver an average 10 – 15% higher pH and –ORP than flat plates.

Water Filtration

The Alkaprime is far superior to the Enagic when it comes to water filtration. As a matter of fact, we consider Enagic’s single filter to be dangerously inadequate, since it doesn't filter metallic ions like sodium and arsenic.

The Alkaprime comes with three filters including a custom pre-filter that the company selects for you based on your local water quality report. Your local water authority provides that report annually to the EPA, and it lists toxins that were found in your water. Alkaprime is the only company besides LIFE Ionizers that checks your water report for toxins, and gives you a filter for them. We wish every ionizer company cared enough about their customer’s health to do this


The Enagic SD-501 offers some things as options – you have to pay extra - which come standard on the Alkaprime. In particular, you will have to pay an extra $150 for a pre-filter, considering the Enagic’s inflated price; we think this is a rip-off.

The Alkaprime offers UV light filtration as an option, which can protect you from bacteria, viruses, and cysts that find their way into your water. You can also get the Alkaprime with MESH plates, which we recommend. The Enagic machine has none of these options.

The Bottom Line

The Alkaprime is the hands down winner in this comparison. It is a better value for the money, has vastly superior filtration, and makes better alkaline water. The Enagic machine suffers from obsolete technology and an inflated price. In our opinion, it is a dinosaur which should do what dinosaurs do and become extinct.

Call us right now at (800) 920-3792 for special offers on the Alkaprime and our entire inventory of quality water ionizers.

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