Water Ionizer Reviews | Life Ionizers M-11 vs Enagic Super SD-501

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Water Ionizer Reviews | Life Ionizers M-11 vs  Enagic Super SD-501

Water Ionizer Reviews | Life Ionizers MXL-11 vs Enagic Super SD-501

The LIFE Ionizer MXL-11 and the Enagic Super SD-501 are these
company's top-of-the-line water ionizers. As of 2018, Life now offers 13 and 15 plate models as well

Both of these machines have about the same flow rate. Both ionizers are touted by their respective companies as suitable for heavy duty commercial use in settings like health spas and medical clinics. But that’s where the similarities between these two alkaline water machines end. If you are shopping for a high-end water ionizer, you should compare the Life MXL-11 to Enagic’s Super SD-501. One of these machines is definitely going to give you more for your money than the other.


MXL-11 vs. Super SD-501 | At a glance



Number of Plates


Flow rate

Alkaline pH/ORP

Acidic pH

Uses chemicals


Price (countertop)

Life M-11

11 plates

800 watts max

1.2 gal per min

11.8/-880 ORP

2.0 pH




Enagic Super SD-501

12 plates

200 watts max

1.3 gal per min

9.5 pH/ -550 ORP*

4.5 pH*


3 Years



The biggest things that stand out about these two machines is price. The Life MXL-11 costs $2,983 less than the Enagic Super SD-501. But does this savings mean you have to sacrifice performance or quality? No. The LIFE MXL-11 goes toe-to-toe with Enagic’s best, and beats it in several important areas:

Power: To get the highest pH and ORP possible for your water, you need an ionizer with lots of power, and the LIFE MXL-11 delivers. Frankly we regard the Super SD-501’s 230 watts is inadequate for a top-end ionizer. It just doesn’t have the power it needs to take advantage of it’s 12 plates.


pH and ORP: The MXL-11 is one of the most powerful home water ionizer in the world, and it shows. The MXL-11’s alkaline water pH of 11.8 is the highest pH we’ve ever seen from an ionizer that doesn’t use chemicals. The Super SD-501 needs chemicals to reach any higher than a pH of 9.5. The downside, you can’t drink “strong” kangen water, it’s toxic.


The MXL-11 crushes the Super SD-501 for antioxidant ORP power, it reaches about -300 ORP higher than the Super SD-501. That’s a lot, the MXL-11’s ORP is also the highest we’ve ever seen.


Acidic pH: It takes a lot of power to make acidic water without chemicals, the MXL-11 has it, the Super SD-501 doesn’t. Health spas and beauty salons that offer acidic water beauty treatments take note: The Life MXL-11 is probably the only water ionizer powerful enough to make the kind of acidic water you need.


Uses Chemicals: The Super SD-501 uses a dilute salt solution to make “strong” kangen water. Unfortunately, what makes “strong” alkaline kangen water strong is the fact that it contains bleach. Strong kangen acidic water contains chlorine gas. We recommend against using salt in a water ionizer that you get your drinking water from! The residues that can be left behind when you make strong kangen water can be bad for your health - even in tiny amounts.


The LIFE MXL-11 is chemical free, it has all the power it needs to make the ionized water you need without dangerous chemical additives.


Warranty: Enagic’s 3 year warranty is a joke for a machine that costs almost $6,000. Worse yet, you can easily destroy the plates in a kangen water machine. Replacement of those plates costs about $800 for their 7 plate home ionizer. We couldn’t find a price quote for replacement of Enagic’s 12 plates, but we bet it’s in the category of “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it!”


LIFE MXL-11 is the best value in a top of the line water ionizer

The LIFE MXL-11 is the clear winner in this comparison. The Super SD-501 has simply been passed up by time. Technology is the reason the LIFE MXL-11 beats the Super SD-501. The MXL-11 has a much more sophisticated power supply, which makes it more reliable and saves energy. The MXL-11 is also far superior to the Super SD-501 because you can’t destroy the plates with chemical additives. The New 2018 MXL11 Series with the New 2018 Heavy-Duty GRID Plate Technology™ with MAX Plate: 8 layers of Platinum over Industrial Titanium.


Be Safe: If you need to make strong alkaline or acidic waters, use a batch ionizer. Be careful handling these strong waters because they are highly chlorinated.

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