Where to buy Kangen Water: Why it isn’t in stores

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Kangen Water Machine & Reasons Why It's Not Sold in Stores

Kangen water, for all its seeming popularity, isn’t found in major stores. It can’t be found in grocery stores, or big box chain stores or any known stores, for that matter. There are a couple of  reasons why Kangen water is so hard to find: First, Kangen water doesn’t keep very long if you try to bottle it. Second, Kangen water is sold only through multi-level marketing, which makes it very expensive. Large stores won’t touch multi-level marketed products because they are widely regarded as scams. The only place you are likely to find Kangen Water is on sites like Craigslist. But even there, Kangen Water isn’t for sale. It’s given away free by multi-marketers who want to use high pressure sales tactics to get you to buy their very expensive machine.

You may be able to buy Kangen Water from local distributors

Kangen Water machines are sold through its network of multi-level marketers. Some of those marketers will give you free Kangen Water for a limited period of time. Their reason for doing that is that they want to get you hooked on ionized alkaline water. Once hooked, they’ll pressure you into buying the very expensive Kangen Water machine.

What they won’t tell you is that Kangen Water is just a fancy name for alkaline water. You can get high quality water ionizers that make alkaline water which is superior to Kangen Water for about half the price of the Kangen Water machine.

Why Kangen Water doesn’t last in bottles

Are you getting free Kangen Water from a distributor? If so, you’d better drink it fast. Alkaline water doesn’t keep for very long: It begins to lose its antioxidant potential within 24 hours of when it is made. It dissipates almost entirely within 72 hours. So if you are bringing home Kangen Water in large jugs, and taking a week or more to drink it, you’re not doing your health any favors. In fact, you’d get more antioxidant benefit with LIFE’s $40 Pitcher of LIFE - this machine is for travelers who can’t access their ionizers..

Is Kangen Water a better form of alkaline water?

You may have heard claims that Kangen Water can cure disease: Those claims aren’t backed by research or evidence. In fact, Enagic - the manufacturer of the Kangen Machine - does not allow its sales representatives to make medical claims, but they do anyway.

Alkaline water is a healthy beverage that promotes general wellness - it’s not a drug. Kangen Water is no better than the alkaline water made by most water ionizers, in fact we have another brand that makes better ionized alkaline water.  Indeed, Kangen Water may be less healthy than alkaline water made by other brands of water ionizers. This is because the filter in the Kangen Water machine doesn’t remove heavy metals or salt. If either of those are in your tap water, and you use a Kangen machine, they will be in your Kangen water. Water Ionizer Expert has ionizers with the filtration you need.

If you are concerned about heavy metals or other toxins, Water Ionizer Expert has ionizers that come with custom filtration systems that target the toxins found in your water supply. Here’s how we do it: We get a copy of your annual local water quality report. The report is filed annually by your local municipal water utility with the EPA. It lists the toxins found in your water. We then customize the filtration system on your ionizer, if you buy one of the brands that participate in this program. Those brands are:

  • LIFE Ionizers
  • Alka Prime

    Why you need custom filtration

    Both of these brands will supply custom filters with your order for free. Water ionizer Expert highly recommends custom filtration because America’s water quality is getting worse: Lead has been found in over 1,000 US cities - not just Flint, Michigan - due to crumbling infrastructure. Another problem is that many of the regulations that are meant to protect water quality are being rolled back. This means that there will be even less protection of drinking water quality in the years ahead. Custom filtration is your only defense against the toxins that are found in your water supply.

    Need help choosing the right ionizer? Call 855 843-6506 for a free consultation with a water ionizer expert. We can find out if you should worry about the safety of your water supply

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