What is the best alkaline water machine

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What is the best alkaline water machine

What is the best alkaline water machine

The best alkaline water machine for you depends on your needs, but there are a few things that all the best machines have in common: They have lots of power, high quality electrode plates, and filtration that is configured to remove the toxins in your local water supply. Quality machines that meet those standards will also come with lifetime warranties. Surprisingly, the best alkaline water machines aren’t the most expensive systems. If you know what to look for in a water ionizer, you can sa
ve a lot of money without compromising on quality.

The best alkaline water machine filtration systems

If you are like most people, you probably know that there are toxins in your tap water, but you don’t know what specific toxins are in your water. That makes finding an ionizer with the right filtration for your water supply challenging. Thankfully, the best alkaline water machine companies will find out for you, and customize your machine’s filtration with the right filtration for your water supply. If the company whose ionizer you’re looking at doesn’t offer to evaluate your local water quality and set you up with the right filtration for it, reject that company and go with one that will.

The best alkaline water machines will have dual internal filters. A single filter just isn’t enough, because it won’t catch many of the toxins that might be in your water. For example, the Kangen machine is the most expensive ionizer on the market, and it has only a single internal filter. That filter can’t remove heavy metals or salt. So if your water supply is tainted with lead or other heavy metals ( a widespread problem in many US cities) then the Kangen water you drink will have lead in it. Because of the poor quality of its filtration system the Kangen machine can actually make toxic Kangen water!

The power to achieve good health

Water ionizers use electromagnetism to separate the alkaline elements in water from the acidic elements. The more power an ionizer has, the more effectively it can separate those elements. The best alkaline water machines will have over 400 watts of power. Machines that lack power may need chemical additives to reach acceptable pH levels. For example, the Kangen machine has only 235 Watts of power. Because of this, you may need to use Enagic’s electrolysis enhancer, calcium glycerophosphate. The problem with that is if you use too much of it, calcium glycerophosphate can cause kidney stones and other health problems. A water ionizer should never need chemicals to make it work right.

Electrode plates: The heart of the machine

The electrode plates are where the water ionization process takes place. The plates are made from titanium, and then coated with platinum. To handle all the power that an ionizer needs for good performance, the plates have to be large enough, and have a thick enough coating of platinum. The Kangen machine actually does have good large plates with a coating of platinum, but those plates actually hurts the machine’s performance! The problem is that the Kangen machine doesn’t have enough power to power it’s plates properly. That is why you sometimes need to use chemical additives with a Kangen machine.

Water Ionizer Expert carries the best alkaline water machines

Several of the brands we carry, such as LIFE Ionizers, come with all three of the things discussed in this article. All LIFE Ionizers come with free custom configured filtration and dual internal filters. When you buy a LIFE Ionizer from Water Ionizer Expert, we will find out what toxins are in your local water supply, and set you up with the right filtration to address them - for free.

You’ll also get plenty of power, because LIFE Ionizers are among the most powerful water ionizers made. Their mid-range M7 model packs 450 Watts of power into its seven large plates and produces ionized water with a pH range of 2.0 to 11. Compare that to the Kangen machine, which also has seven plates, but can only reach a pH range of 4.5 to 10.3, unless you add chemicals to it. As you can see, the LIFE machine is much stronger than the Kangen machine, but it costs just about half of what you’d pay for the Kangen machine!


Buying the wrong ionizer is an expensive mistake. Let an expert help you find the best alkaline water machine for your needs and budget. Call 855 843-6506 for a free consultation

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The best water ionizer on the market is the Life Ionizer MXL-15 water ionizer. We have sale prices on this unit, so give us a call.

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