Top Rated Water Ionizers for 2017

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Top Rated Water Ionizers for 2017

The new 2017 water ionizers are here! Among the top rated water ionizers for 2017 are: LIFE Ionizers, Enagic/Kangen, Jupiter Science, and Alka Prime. Of these brands, LIFE Ionizers is out with new filters that improve the performance of their ionizers, Enagic Kangen is offering a (slightly) lower price on their Platinum Leveluk sd501, and Jupiter Science is offering a updated version of their Venus water ionizer. Alka Prime continues to offer outstanding value in bargain priced water ionizers.

LIFE Ionizers: New anti-scale filtration

LIFE Ionizers has redesigned their filters to add anti-scale filtration media. Their improved
 filters reduce scaling which reduces the need for ionizer cleaning. You still get the same mineral-rich ionized alkaline water that has made LIFE Ionizers a leader in supplying doctors offices and health professionals with alkaline water machines, just with less scale build up. This enables your LIFE Ionizer to deliver optimal performance over a wider range of water quality conditions. Best of all, LIFE Ionizers has included their new anti-scale technology in their entire line of water ionizer filters. This means that owners of older model LIFE Ionizers will also get this revolutionary new anti-scale technology in the replacement filters for their machines too.

Enagic Kangen lowers the price on the Platinum Leveluk SD-501

Due to lackluster sales, Enagic Kangen has come out with a new lower price for their updated Kangen Water machine, the Platinum SD-501. The Platinum is Enagic’s “updated” version of the original Kangen Water machine, it’s supposed to have more automatic controls. But everything else about the Platinum is the same as the old Kangen Water machine: It still has only 230 watts of power, seven flat plates, and a single filter. Like the old machine, it’s still wildly overpriced at $3,685. The old price was $3,980. But watch out: We’re seeing these machines pop up for as little as $500 used, so the Platinum SD-501 isn’t holding its value very well.

Jupiter Science Redesigns its Ionization Cells

The Jupiter (also known as Alka Viva) Venus is the upgrade to Jupiter’s popular Athena model. It’s still an entry-level ionizer that comes with 5 plates and just 80 watts of power, so don’t expect much performance from this machine. Jupiter claims to have a new proprietary matting used in their ionization cells that reduces scale build up. Despite this, the Venus needs to run a cleaning cycle once every 20 liters, which is just over 5 gallons. So despite the new matting technology, this machine will still need to run frequent cleaning cycles.

Alka Prime: Still bargain-priced, still good performers

Alka Prime is a bargain priced water ionizer company that has managed to keep quality up and prices down. Alka Prime ionizer make some common sense compromises to cut costs, and then they deliver the savings to you in the form of lower prices. The main two compromises you make with an Alka Prime are power and convertibility: These machines have less power, so they have lower flow rates than some high-end ionizers. They also aren’t convertible, you have to choose between countertop and under counter. But if you’re on a tight budget, those compromises are worth making. You still get customized filtration, efficent SMPS power, and high quality plates. These machines are built to last.

Choosing the right water ionizer can be confusing, let Water Ionizer Expert help

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