The best (and worst) Water Ionizer Machine Reviews

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The best (and worst) Water Ionizer Machine Reviews

Search “water ionizer machine reviews” online and you’ll get hundreds and even thousands of results. Some of those results are valuable, they represent the opinions of real people and their real life experience with the water ionizer they bought. Other reviews are fake, they are written by the people who sell the water ionizer machines they’re “reviewing"

Here’s how to find the best water ionizer machine reviews, and avoid the worst.

Where to go to find the best water ionizer machine reviews

Amazon - Most, but not all of the reviews you’ll read on Amazon are authentic. Amazon customers are encouraged to leave reviews of the products they’ve purchased. Some companies try to “game” Amazon reviews by creating fake Amazon user accounts, but those are easy to spot

    Amazon - Amazon sells a lot of water ionizers. So you'll find many reviews of different brands of ionizers there.

    Yelp - Similar to Amazon, Yelp shows reviews from actual customers, and you’ll see both good and bad reviews.

    Trustpilot - Is one of the leading online customer review sites, so you’ll find lots of reviews for companies you’re looking at. Trustpilot checks out each review they receive, and won’t hesitate to take one down if it looks inauthentic. So the reviews you’ll find on Trustpilot are reliable.

    Reseller Ratings - Is also one of the larger online customer review websites. Just like Trustpilot, Reseller Ratings checks all of the reviews they receive for authenticity. You’ll find dozens of real reviews by actual customers

    Manufacturer’s website - Of course, you will find only positive reviews on the manufacturer’s website about their products. But these reviews are still useful, you’ll find out what people liked about their machine. Manufacturer’s websites are good places for reviews because it’s actually against the law to fake customer reviews, and most companies respect the law.

    Where to go to find the worst water ionizer machine reviews

    Better Business Bureau - Surprised? Nearly all water ionizer companies have an A rating with the BBB, and there are few, if any comments by actual customers. The BBB is sort of like the Yellow Pages, people have moved on, and the quality and quantity of BBB ratings has suffered as a result.

    Water Ionizer Machine Review sites - We don’t know of any actual independent water ionizer review sites. Like us here at Water Ionizer Expert, all of those “review” sites have machines they want to sell, but disreputable “review” websites will try to hide that from you! Water Ionizer Machine Reviews websites that won’t tell you up front that they have machines they favor are lying to you.

    Not an Impartial Water Ionizer Review Site

    Water ionizer Expert is careful to be non-biased when we review an ionizer. Our opinion of a machine is formed when we observe that machine's performance. We favor machines that do well, and do gain a bias against machines that do poorly.  Watch out for any “review” website that claims to be impartial, they’re not. Nor are we. We are partial, we favor the machines we have found to outperform all others, and that in our opinion represent the absolute best value for the money.  We are dedicated to helping you find the right water ionizer machine to match your needs from the top-of-the-line brands we carry.

    Why Water Ionizer Expert Inspects and Compares all brands of water ionizer

    Water Ionizer Expert’s 10 Point Inspection is our way of comparing the competition to the machines we currently carry. We do it because if we find a machine that stands out, we’ll stock it! Our whole goal is to carry the best water ionizers made, because we’re not just a water ionizer company, we’re also people who have improved or regained our health by drinking ionized alkaline water. Everyone here at Water Ionizer Expert has their own health success story to tell.  If we find machines that are better than the machines we have now, we’ll want them for ourselves too, not just to sell.

    Let us take the hassle out of shopping for a water ionizer machine. Call us at 1 855 843-6506

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