Reverse Osmosis vs Alkaline Water: Which is healthier?

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Reverse Osmosis vs Alkaline Water: Which is healthier?

Reverse Osmosis vs Alkaline Water: Which is healthier?

Which is healthier? Alkaline water or reverse osmosis water? The answer is; alkaline water is healthier than reverse osmosis water because alkaline water has something reverse osmosis water lacks: Minerals. For good health, you need to get 10 - 20% of your daily needs for calcium and magnesium from the water you drink, and reverse osmosis water doesn’t have either of these minerals in it. The good news is: If you have a reverse osmosis filtration system, your water can be made safe by adding minerals to it.

Why Reverse Osmosis water isn’t healthy to drink

If you drink reverse osmosis water without adding minerals to it, then it does the exact
same thing to your body that it does to the minerals in the remineralizing cartridge: It dissolves minerals from your tissues and bone as it passes through. That is why it isn’t safe to drink reverse osmosis water without remineralizing it

According to the World Health Organization, your body absorbs minerals 30 times faster and easier from water than it does from food or supplements. In fact, even if you have digestive problems that make it hard for your body to absorb minerals, alkaline water has been shown in clinical studies to be the best source of minerals for your body.

Reverse osmosis water can be made safe by adding minerals to it. This is usually done using a remineralization cartridge. A remineralization cartridge works by running reverse osmosis water through crushed minerals, usually in the form of coral calcium. Reverse osmosis water is “hungry” for minerals, so it dissolves them from the coral calcium as it passes through the remineralization cartridge

Why Alkaline Water is Healthier than Regular Water

When water is ionized in a water ionizer, two very important things happen to it that make it healthy:

  1. The beneficial alkaline elements in water are concentrated, while the harmful acidic elements are separated out. This makes alkaline water rich in beneficial calcium and magnesium, and gives it acid-fighting alkalinity.
  2. The water is imbued with antioxidant potential. A recent (2106) study reveals that ionized alkaline water may extend lifespan by providing a “deceleration aging factor”

As you age, your body’s ability to neutralize acids declines. This loss of acid-buffering ability is a major factor in many health problems. Another problem with aging is the buildup of harmful free radicals in the body. Excessive levels of free radicals are believed to accelerate aging and the onset of degenerative disease.

For Best Results: Reverse Osmosis and Water Ionizers work together

You know from earlier in this article that reverse osmosis water can be made safe by remineralizing it. But even when remineralized, reverse osmosis water still lacks two healthy qualities that make ionized alkaline water the healthiest water you can drink: Acid fighting alkalinity, and age-defying antioxidant potential. The solution to this is simple: After remineralizing reverse osmosis water, you can run it through a water ionizer - and then you’ll be drinking the purest, healthiest water on Earth. Reverse osmosis removes all the harmful toxins, the remineralizing cartridge restores healthy minerals, and then the water ionizer unlocks the water’s potent acid=fighting ability and it’s age defying antioxidant potential. The combination of reverse osmosis, remineralization, and water ionization produces clinical-grade ionized alkaline water. It’s used by doctors and health practitioners to restore the health of their patients. Now you can have it in your home, too.


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What references or scientific studies do you have to prove what you are saying about the unhealthy effects of RO water.

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Alkaline water is the best

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