Nexus Smart Water Ionizer: 10 Point Inspection

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Nexus Smart Water Ionizer: 10 Point Inspection

The smart choice may be to pass on the Nexus Smart. The Nexus ionizer is sold by a water ionizer “reviews” website owned by a woman named Cathy Legrossi, who works out of her home. The Nexus website is one of those cheap, build-it-yourself websites that you get from Site Builder.  If you go to the Nexus website, and try to buy one of these machines, that site will redirect you to Legrossi’s website.

We can’t find anyone else who sells this ionizer, so if she goes out of business, and you bought one, you’ll be stuck with a machine you can’t get filters for. Replacement filters are already an issue with this machine, we’ve received multiple complaints from Nexus owners that they have had a lot of difficulty getting replacement filters for this machine.

Legrossi originally claimed that Nexus ionizers were made by LG, but was forced to stop when LG found out she was making that claim. LG states that the company does not make water ionizers. Our 10 Point Inspection reveals that the Nexus machine comes with a host of other shortcomings.



We don’t recommend doing business with Cathy Legrossi

Cathy Legrossi has been banned from selling several brands of water ionizers by those machine’s manufacturers. What she did to get banned was to offer many different brands of water ionizer on her website that she isn’t authorized to sell. When a customer calls wanting to order one of those machines, she pulls a bait and switch, such as: “Oh all those are currently out of stock, but I have this really great brand here … “

pH and ORP tests over time

The Nexus Smart has a manual flow control, and you’re going to need it. This machine has only 230 Watts of power, same as the Kangen machine, but with much smaller plates. The best pH range we could get out of the Nexus was from 5.1 to 10.3, with the flow slowed down to about 1 liter per minute. The small plate size is a problem, water simply isn’t in contact with the plates long enough to properly ionize it, unless you slow the flow rate all the way down. The best antioxidant potential we got out of this machine was - 583 ORP.

The pH and ORP readings didn’t hold up very well, within a month, we couldn’t get this machine past a pH of 10. The problem is that it’s plates get clogged with deposits very easily because the plates have a rough surface. That makes it very easy for deposits to stick to the plates.

Our Ruling: Fail. Ph and ORP levels fall off rather quickly do to the plates getting fouled with hard water deposits

Toxins filtered out

The Nexus has only a single carbon filter, all it does is reduce the chlorine levels, and filter sediments. We are concerned that the filter isn’t fine enough to stop all sediments, because according to the website this machine is sold on, sediments can get through the filter. That is 100% unacceptable.

Our Ruling: Fail. The fact that the filter can let sediments through is unacceptable. This filter doesn’t address many toxins found in water supplies


Quality of components

The quality of components in this machine leaves a lot to be desired. The filter is inadequate, it doesn’t have enough power, and the plates are too small and prone to clogging. We were unable to find out if the plastics have BPA in them.

Our Ruling: Fail. The Nexus seems to be made of the cheapest parts the manufacturer could find.


White glove installation available

Installation service isn’t available for the Nexus machine, you have to install it yourself.

Our Ruling: Fail. Installation service isn’t available with Nexus ionizers


Evaluate user experience with in home trials

This machine is just frustrating to use. You have to slow the flow rate way down to get good pH and ORP readings, and it runs a cleaning cycle after every use. Because it cleans so often, you waste just as much water as you make!

Our ruling: Fail. The Nexus takes too long to fill large containers, and it wastes a lot of water.


Maintenance: Is it easy, effective?

Maintenance is easy, but not effective. This machine constantly cleans itself, but performance falls off anyways because the rough surface on its plates are prone to hard water deposits that rob the machine of performance.

Replacing the filter is relatively easy - if you can get a replacement filter! As we mentioned earlier, replacement filters for this machine can be hard to come by.


Our Ruling: Fail Maintenance is easy, but not effective. This machine self-cleans constantly and that wastes a lot of water.

Warranties, return policy, user manual

The warranty on the Nexus is only 5 years parts and labor, and we can see why given that this machine gets fouled with hard water deposits so easily. The Nexus comes with a 60 day return policy, which is standard. We found the user’s manual to be poorly written and poorly illustrated.

Our Ruling: Fail The warranty is too short, and the user’s manual is terrible


Customer Service/Tech support

Customer service and tech support are handled by Cathy Legrossi. She can be hard to get a hold of, but once you do, she’s knowledgeable and courteous.

Our ruling: Pass. Once you get a hold of her, Cathy provides as good a support as she can.

How the ionizer compares to other ionizers

The Nexus was a big disappointment. It’s not powerful enough to get good pH and ORP levels. It’s constant need to clean itself is annoying, and the cleaning isn’t entirely effective. The warranty on this machine is too short, and replacement filters can be hard to come by. You can get a lot more ionizer for your money by choosing a machine other than the Nexus

Our Ruling: Fail. This machine does not compare well to other ionizers.


Taste of the water

The water tastes as it should, slightly sweet and refreshing as long as the pH and ORP level endure.

Our ruling: Pass, but just barely. The water tastes fine as long as the machine continues to work right.

F = Our Grade for the Nexus Smart: 2 out of 10 for 20%

The smart move is to pass on the Nexus Smart. For its asking price of $1,495, you can get a much better ionizer.  Call an Expert at 855 972-6752 and get the ,most water ionizer for your money.

Get the right machine the first time. Let us take the hassle out of shopping for an ionizer with our 10 point inspection. Call us at 1 855 972-6752

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