NewWater Ionizer: Water Ionizer Review

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NewWater Ionizer: Water Ionizer Review

The NewWater ionizer is another in the line of water ionizers claiming to offer the benefits of “H2 infused water”. But the fact is, all water ionizers could produce hydrogen at the cathode (alkaline water) side if they have enough power. With enough power, when water undergoes electrolysis, hydrogen would be produced at the cathode plates, and oxygen would be produced at the anode plates. So any water ionizers that are powerful enough could make hydrogen infused alkaline water.

How much hydrogen does the NewWater Ionizer produce?

So the question we here at Water Ionizer Expert had about this machine is: How well 
does it produce the hydrogen that it’s supposed to infuse water with? We attempted to capture any hydrogen produced by this machine with a simple experiment. We submerged the outlet hose in a container of water, then we put an upside down test tube that was full of water over the outlet hose. Because hydrogen rises, this setup would capture any hydrogen the machine produced in the top of the test tube. It didn’t produce any hydrogen at all.

There are two reason this machine doesn’t produce observable levels of hydrogen gas:




  • It has the wrong type of membrane
  • It doesn’t have enough power
  • Why the NewWater Ionizers membrane is the wrong kind of membrane

    The NewWater ionizer is equipped with a bi directional membrane, like all other water ionizers. That’s the wrong kind of membrane for a hydrogen machine. There are actually three different kinds of membrane:

    1. Bi-directional - Allows positively charged and negatively charged ions to pass
    2. Proton exchange - Allows only positively charged ions to pass
    3. Electron exchange - Allows only negatively charged ions to pass

    The correct membrane to use in a hydrogen machine is an proton exchange membrane. Hydrogen ions are protons, so if you want to collect them, you want your machine to be equipped with a proton permeable membrane. The NewWater machine has the wrong type of membrane.

    How much power you need to make hydrogen

    It takes a lot of power to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, machines that do this typically have over 1,000 watts of power, and most of them have around 5,000 watts of power. The NewWater  ionizer machine has only 150 watts of power.

    What does it take to make a water ionizer make hydrogen?

    By way of comparison, we took a LIFE Ionizer M-13, and turned the power all the way up. We  used a 240 Volt supply so we could push this machine’s power supply to it’s absolute maximum performance (more than you’ll ever need!). The LIFE M-13 has a bidirectional membrane, like all other water ionizers, so we didn’t expect it to produce much hydrogen. We ran it for 10 minutes and were able to collect enough hydrogen in the test tube to produce a loud pop when we exposed the gas in the test tube to flame, so it did make a small amount of hydrogen. So even with massive power, you only get a small amount of hydrogen when you don’t have the right kind of membrane to make hydrogen.

    Since it doesn’t make hydrogen, what does the NewWater machine do?

    The NewWater ionizer machine makes weakly alkaline and acidic waters, just like any other ionizer that doesn’t have that much power. NewWater claims this machine can reach over a pH of 10 at it’s maximum setting, but we could only get it up to a pH of 9.4. The NewWater has nine plates, and 150 watts just isn’t enough power for a nine plate machine.

    Red Flag: No contact information

    When we realized that NewWater was lying about this machine making hydrogen, we decided to contact the company and ask them: “How much hydrogen does this machine make?” We were unable to find any contact info on the NewWater site!  We found this machine offered for $3,499.99, almost as much as the Kangen Machine!

    By way of comparison, the Kangen machine (which is pretty weak itself)  beats the NewWater machine for pH levels, antioxidant ORP levels, and flow rate. This isn’t surprising since the Kangen machine has more power (230 watts vs 150 watts). This isn’t an endorsement of the Kangen machine, it’s underpowered and overpriced. There are plenty of good quality water ionizers that out-perform this machine!

    Our expert opinion: Avoid the NewWater ionizer, it’s a scam

    The NewWater ionizer is one of many overpriced, underpowered water ionizers that claim to generate hydrogen, but don’t. It is our opinion that some marketer made up the H2 infused nonsense so they could overcharge for underpowered ionizers, and make huge profits from unsuspecting consumers. We recommend you avoid this machine.

    Is the ionizer you’re looking at a scam? Call us at 855 843-6506 for a free, no obligation consultation with a water ionizer expert

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