Lourdes Hydrogen Water Generator: Review

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Lourdes Hydrogen Water Generator: Review

The Lourdes Hydrogen Water Generator makes hydrogen water for drinking and ozonated water for cleaning. The water from this machine is pH neutral; you don’t get any of the health benefits of alkaline water from this machine. Our testing revealed that this machine really doesn’t make that much hydrogen. But there’s an even bigger problem with the Lourdes system: It has a plastic carafe. The problem with that is that molecular hydrogen seeps right through plastic and escapes.

It takes up to 30 minutes to make hydrogen water with the Lourdes Hydrogen Generator

Unlike most hydrogen water machines, you have to wait a long time for the Lourdes machine to generate hydrogen. That’s a problem because you are losing molecular hydrogen the whole time you are waiting. Molecular hydrogen is the smallest molecule in existence: It easily seeps through and escapes from plastic and glass containers.

The machine also makes ozonated water. You don’t drink ozonated water, you clean with it. This type of water is useful for sanitizing surfaces. Unlike the hydrogen water, you can store the ozonated water in plastic and glass containers.


Takeaway #1: You lose a lot of the molecular hydrogen the Lourdes makes because the carafe is made of plastic. The ozonated water the machine makes is useful for sanitation.

The Lourdes Hydrogen Generator is Severely Under powered

The reason it takes up to 30 minutes for the Lourdes machine to generate hydrogen is that this machine has only 24 watts of power. As it is being made, the hydrogen from this machine will escape through the plastic carafe. After it’s done making hydrogen, you’ll see the hydrogen level it made drop off significantly within two hours. Thus you can’t store the water made by this machine, it simply loses the hydrogen in it too fast

Takeaway #2: It takes up to 30 minutes to make hydrogen water with the Lourdes hydrogen generator. Hydrogen escapes through the plastic carafe so you can’t store your hydrogen water in it.

The Lourdes Hydrogen Water Machine is overpriced

The Lourdes machine costs as much as some entry-level water ionizer machines. But for it’s $1,080 asking price, you get a machine that makes only hydrogen water. It doesn’t make alkaline water at the same time. Any good quality entry-level water ionizer will make both molecular hydrogen and alkaline water at the same time. That means you’ll get the benefits of both. With the Lourdes machine, you only get molecular hydrogen. For a machine similar to the Lourdes Hydrogen Generator, you should expect to pay no more than $500.

But even then, is it worth even $500 if you are not receiving the benefits of the hydrogen as most of it escapes? If you are truly serious about receiving the health benefits, you should invest in a better quality machine

Takeaway #3: The Lourdes machine is overpriced. For a machine of this quality, you should expect to pay $500 or less. Even then, this machine probably isn’t worth it.

The Lourdes Hydrogen Generator Machine has only one filter

This machine has only a single carbon filter, which may reduce the taste and odor of chlorine only. It does not filter heavy metals, VOCs, fluoride or other contaminants. In fact, to avoid voiding the warranty, you must to use distilled water in this machine. The need to use distilled water will add to your cost of using this machine and make it inconvenient.

The need to use distilled water adds to the cost of using the Lourdes machine. Even at 88 cents per gallon, the cheapest price I could find, it will add up quickly. This machine only makes a half gallon of hydrogen water for every gallon of water used. So for two people to drink hydrogen water, you’d need two gallons per day, every day. Here’s what that would cost you:

88 cents x 2 gallons per day = $1.76 per day

$1.76 per day x 365 days = $642 per year

For a family of four, you’d pay $1,284

With a family of four, you would pay nearly as much for distilled water in a year as it would cost to buy a quality alkaline hydrogen water machine.

Takeaway #4: The Lourdes Hydrogen Generator has only a single filter. To avoid voiding the warranty, you should use only distilled water in this machine. Using distilled water is expensive, it adds up quickly!

One year warranty on the Lourdes Hydrogen Generator

For a machine that costs over $1,000, a one year warranty is way too short. The short warranty suggests to us that the company that sells the Lourdes machine doesn’t expect it to last. This machine may even be unsafe to leave plugged in: It is recommended that you unplug the machine if you are going to be away from it for a while.

Takeaway #5: A one year warranty is too short for a machine as expensive as the Lourdes Hydrogen Generator. Additionally, this machine may be unsafe to leave plugged in.

In Conclusion: Our review of the Lourdes Hydrogen Generator

This machine isn’t worth it’s asking price. You have to use distilled water in it or that voids the machine’s too-short warranty. It may be unsafe to leave plugged in. You can’t store your hydrogen water in it because the hydrogen will leak out through the plastic. Water Ionizer Expert recommends against purchasing the Lourdes Hydrogen Generator.

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