LIFE Ionizer Reviews: The Pros Choose LIFE

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LIFE Ionizer Reviews: The Pros Choose LIFE

LIFE Ionizer Reviews: The Pros Choose LIFE

There’s lots of reasons that LIFE Ionizer is Water Ionizer Expert’s favorite brand of water ionizer, and we’re not alone: More pro athletes choose LIFE Ionizers than any other brand of water ionizer for a very specific reason: LIFE Ionizers make ionized alkaline water with more acid-fighting alkalinity than any other brand of water ionizer. The pros know that the painful burning of lactic acid in their muscles isn’t a good thing. It robs them of performance, so pro athletes alkalize their bodies before working out. When you alkalize before a workout, you get increased endurance and more energy, and you recover from your workout faster. It gives you the edge over your competition.

In fact, some of the best LIFE Ionizer reviews come from the pro athletes that use alkaline water by LIFE:

LIFE Ionizer Reviews by Pro Athletes

Dave Stewart is also a major league baseball player. He originally purchased a LIFE Ionizer for his summer home. It made so much of a difference in his workouts, he not only bought another for his regular home, he bought a LIFE Ionizer for each of his three kids! "I purchased a Life Ionizer for my Summer home and in just a short time I could tell the difference. My three Children now have them for their families and could not be happier. I highly recommend Life Ionizer for your overall well being."

Angel Pagan credits his LIFE Ionizer for giving him more energy and greater focus. He recommends LIFE Ionizers to anyone who wants to stay on top of their game: . "I've got energy, I've got focus, and I feel healthy, that's important. That's why, if you want to feel like you’re on top of your game, I recommend LIfe Ionizers."

Barry Zito is a major league baseball pitcher. He has to work out every day to keep himself fit. Barry chose LIFE because: "Life Ionizers water filters/alkalizers enable me to stay on top of my game throughout both my arduous season and off-season cycles.."

Shawne Merriman is an NFL pro who chose LIFE Ionizers to help him stay on top of his game:  "I like to keep it sharp, on and off the field, that's why I chose Life Ionizers. My Life Ionizer makes alkaline water that's more hydrating than regular water. If you're serious about being at the top of your game, you gotta look into getting one yourself."

You can find many, many more LIFE Ionizer reviews on the LIFE Ionizer website and on sites like Amazon. Doctors, athletes, celebrities and people just like you give five star LIFE Ionizer reviews when they discover the life changing benefits of alkaline water.

Benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water for your Workout

Ionized alkaline water provides several benefits for anyone who works out. It’s acid-fighting alkalinity helps neutralize the performance-robbing burn that comes when lactic acid builds up in the muscles. Ionized alkaline water also hydrates better and faster than plain water. It only takes about a 2% loss in hydration to affect your performance. Studies show that alkaline water hydrates 17% better than plain water, so it gives you an extra cushion against dehydration.

Mix ionized alkaline water with electrolytes (such as Gatorade) and you’ll take your workouts to a whole new level. Alkaline water + electrolytes substantially increases your endurance. At the same time, it makes your workout feel less strenuous. Research shows that alkaline water mixed with electrolytes has a far more potent effect than electrolytes mixed with plain water.

Joe “Hybrid” Duarte is a mixed martial arts fighter in the UFC. He credits alkaline water mixed with electrolytes for giving him an edge in his fights that has enabled him to become a champion. He makes it a point to only drink water with a pH of 9.5:

“I was introduced to Alkaline water by my teammate Diego Sanchez (UFC Fighter) a couple years back. Since then I have always made a conscious effort to only use water with a PH level of 9.5.

As an athlete, I find no water better than the alkaline water from my Life Ionizer. After all, our bodies are made up of an average 60-70% water. With that being said, the right water is extremely important.”

Why you should choose LIFE too

We here at Water Ionizer Expert make no bones about the fact that LIFE Ionizers has consistently been our favorite brand of water ionizer. LIFE has been coming out on top of our water ionizer reviews year after year, for a very good reason. LIFE Ionizers updates their ionizers with the latest, cutting edge technologies, and combines that with industry leading filtration, to make the healthiest glass of ionized alkaline water you can get. LIFE simply puts more of what you want into a water ionizer, at a price that’s better than any you’ll find anywhere.

Choose your new water ionizer ionizer like a pro! Call 855 843-6506 we’ll help you find the perfect ionizer for your needs and budget.

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