KYK 7 Hisha Water Ionizer: 10 Point Inspection

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KYK 7 Hisha Water Ionizer: 10 Point Inspection

KYK 7 Hisha Water Ionizer: 10 Point Inspection

The KYK 7-Hisha is a seven plate water ionizer with a sleek, modern look. But beyond that sleek look, this machine has a few shortcomings you need to consider before buying it. The 7 Hisha is countertop only, and it has a non-flexible spout, unlike most other ionizers which have flexible spouts. We found that the non-flexible spout can be a problem if you have limited counter space. It can be especially awkward if you’re trying to fill a large container that won’t quite fit under the spout.

pH and ORP tests over time

This machine has 4 preset alkaline levels, and two preset acidic levels. It’s pH and flow rate are not adjustable. It’s supposed to be able to produce a pH as high as 10.6, and on our water it struggled to reach a pH of 10.3. Because the pH scale is logarithmic, that means the water from this machine is 300% less alkaline than it should be. To reach even that high, the automatic flow rate control slowed the water down to just over 1.5 liters per minute, which is about half of what the manufacturer advertises. We also found that this machine simply couldn’t make acidic water. It got as low as a pH of 6.8, but that’s it.

The Hisha 7 does maintain its pH levels over time, but to do so it seems to need to run cleaning cycles a lot. The problem is power. This machine has only 150 watts of power, so it struggles to give decent pH at a good flow rate. 150 watts is also not enough for good cleaning power, and that’s why this machine needs to clean itself so often

Our Ruling: Pass, but just barely. The Hisha-7 does maintain consistent pH levels over time, but it’s performance is inadequate and it needs to clean itself way too often.

Toxins filtered out

The 7-Hisha has only a single filter, which lasts for only six months. It works for the reduction of the taste and odor of chlorine and sediment particles, but nothing else. We are concerned that the filter of this machine contains calcium sulfite, because that’s a chemical used to boost pH. It would explain why we couldn’t get an acidic pH out of this machine. Overall, this filter is inadequate.

Our Ruling: Fail. The filter on this machine is inadequate and it may be adding calcium to the water it makes.

Quality of components

This machine is registered as a medical device with the Korean FDA, so the quality of materials meets Korean medical standards. It uses an SMPS power supply, which is good, but we wish it had more power. Overall, the fit and finish of the machine is good, it is a modern looking machine

Our Ruling: Pass. This machine meets the standards for a medical device in Korea

White glove installation available

Yes. You can get installation for this machine.

Our ruling: Pass. Installation is available for this machine

Evaluate user experience with in home trials

We found that working with the inflexible spout of this machine in small spaces was awkward, but otherwise the machine is easy to use. There aren’t many adjustments to make, so new users would be up and running in no time

Our Ruling: Pass. This machine is awkward in small spaces due to the inflexible spout, but overall it’s easy to use.

Maintenance: Is it easy, effective?

The maintenance on this machine is easy to do. But, it requires self cleaning more frequently than we’d like

Our Ruling: Pass. Maintenance is easy to do, but we wish it didn’t need to self clean as often.

Warranties, return policy, user manual

The warranty on this machine is only for two years, it’s one of the worst warranties we’ve ever seen. The user’s manual was written by a non-native English speaker, it’s hard to understand. We were unable to find a return policy on the manufacturer’s website.

Our Ruling: Fail. The warranty on this machine is too short. The company return policy is not clearly stated, which may violate the law in the state you live in. The user’s manual is hard to understand and follow.

Customer Service/Tech support

Customer service is provided by a company called, when we called it took some time to get connected to anyone who knew anything about this machine. Once we did find someone who knew about the machine, they were able to help us

Our Ruling: Pass. The customer service and tech support are helpful once you reach them.

How the ionizer compares to other ionizers

If you have limited counter space, you want practically any other machine than this one. For its asking price of $1697, you can get far more powerful and versatile machines that will give you much better water quality.

Our Ruling: Fail. This machine does not compare well with others in its price-point.

Taste of the water

The water tastes as we expect, slightly sweeter and more refreshing than plain water.

Our Ruling: Pass. The water out of this machine tastes fine.


C = Our Grade for the Echo Water Ionizer: 7 out of 10 for 70%

We found the 7-Hisha to be lacking in some areas. It could really use multiple filters and more power. But overall, it’s a well built and easy to use machine. You can find better machines


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