Is Kangen Water FDA Approved?

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Is Kangen Water FDA Approved?

No. The FDA has not approved Kangen Water. There are a number of reasons for this. First of all, the FDA only reviews and approves drugs. Kangen Water isn’t a drug. The FDA does review medical devices but the Kangen machine isn't worth the cost of that FDA review. The FDA review process for medical devices costs roughly $800 million and takes about 12 years to undergo. It’s just not worth it to Enagic, the manufacturer of the Kangen machine, to pay that much for FDA review.

Water ionizer machines that are certified as medical devices

Water ionizer machines that are built in Korea and Japan are certified as medical devices by whichever nation built the machine. China does not certify water ionizer machines as medical devices. Both Korea and Japan take their ionized alkaline water seriously: It’s used and prescribed by doctors to treat some health problems. Italy also recognizes water ionizers as medical devices.

Ionized alkaline water as a therapeutic treatment has also caught on in Canada. One water ionizer machine manufacturer, Life Ionizers, has met the strict Canadian standards for inclusion in the Canadian Medicard program. That program enables Canadians to finance medical supplies and procedures. As of the date this article was written, Enagic isn’t certified by the Canadian Medicard program because Canada doesn’t recognize the Kangen machine as a medical device.

Why medically certified water ionizer machines are better

Machines that are certified as medical devices have to meet strict quality requirements established by the country that certifies the machine. Those nations that certify water ionizer machines look at the quality of the materials used to build the machine. They also look at how well the machine performs:

  • Are the machines filters effective?
  • Does the machine make medical grade alkaline water?
  • Is the machine reliable?

  • Those are important questions, if you are shopping for a water ionizer machine, you should ask them too. The easiest way to make sure you get a machine that meets all the requirements of being a medical device is to get a machine that is certified as a medical device.

    Avoid Chinese made machines because they are not certified as medical devices. Water Ionizer Expert doesn’t carry Chinese-made machines for that reason: You just can’t count on them to be of good enough quality to trust your health with. Additionally, China has a problem with lead in their products. Those machines often have cheap price tags for a very good reason: The manufacturer cut corners on quality to undercut their competition.

    Water Ionizer Expert carries only machines that are certified medical devices

    You can buy with confidence when you buy from Water Ionizer Expert. Every machine we sell is certified as a medical device. Additionally, we carry the Life Ionizer brand. So if you live in Canada, you can finance a Life Ionizer through Canada’s Medicard program. If you are looking for a high quality water ionizer machine for a lot less than you’d pay for Kangen, Water Ionizer Expert is here to help.

    Want to compare Kangen to the competition? Give Water Ionizer Expert a call at 855 843-6506. We’ll compare any brands you’re interested in, right over the phone

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