Best cheap alkaline water machines

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Best cheap alkaline water machines

Entry-level water ionizers are an economical choice for people on a limited budget, but finding the right machine can be difficult. Some cheap alkaline water machines are poorly made and lack power, so they don’t ionize water very well. But if you know what to look for, you can find some real bargains on machines that can deliver the antioxidant alkaline water you need to take back your health.

What to look for in a cheap alkaline water machine

The three most important things to look at in a water ionizer are power, plates, and filtration:

Power is important, because if you don’t have enough of it, the machine may not be able to satisfactorily ionize your water. This means that you won’t get the acid fighting alkalinity that you need for improving your health.

Plates are important because they are where the all the action takes place. The plates should be large, to give ample surface for ionization to occur, and they must be coated with platinum. If an alkaline water machine has plates that are too small, it won’t be able to properly ionize your water because the water won’t be in contact with the plates long enough for ionization to occur. If the plates aren’t coated with platinum, then the machine may generate harmful oxide particles that will wipe out any health gains you might otherwise get from drinking the water made by the machine.

Filtration is important because the quality of the water going into your ionizer machine determines the quality of the water going out of it. Water ionizer machines need at least two internal filters to adequately filter your water. Even better is if the machine comes with a prefilter that targets the specific toxins in your water. The company that you’re buying the machine from should determine what those toxins are, and provide you with the right prefilter. If they don’t you’re shopping with the wrong company.

The best cheap water ionizer machines on the market

Now that you know what to look for in a water ionizer, here are the bargain-priced high performing machines that really deliver bang for your buck. These machines are five or seven plate ionizers with large plates, plenty of power, and good-to-great filtration:

LIFE Ionizers M5 - $1,497- LIFE Ionizers is the industry leader in alkaline water machines. They offer the most powerful ionizers; with large, high quality plates, with the best filtration. So LIFE Ionizers scores 100% on our three most important items. In addition, LIFE has the longest warranties and best customer service in the industry. If peace of mind with your purchase is important to you, you can stop reading right here. Get the LIFE Ionizer.

LIFE M5 at a glance:

  • pH range 3.0 - 9.8 Up to -500 Antioxidant ORP
  • 249 Watts of power
  • Dual internal filters with custom prefilter
  • 7 Year warranty on parts and labor
  • 5 High performance Heavy-Duty GRID™ plates

Alka Fresh - $1,495 - Alka Fresh is a discount brand that features a compact size that is perfect for people with limited counter space. It’s pH performance is roughly similar to the LIFE M5, but it has smaller plates that limit the flow rate of the water. Otherwise, this machine meets our three most important requirements for bargain-priced water ionizers. It has good power and comes with customized filtration

Alka Fresh at a glance:

  • pH range 4.0 - 10.5. Antioxidant ORP up to -500
  • 249 Watts of power
  • Dual internal filters with custom prefilter
  • 7 Year warranty on parts and labor
  • 5 Plates

Alka Prime S7C - $1,697 - Alka Prime is another discount-priced brand that is a great value. This machine has seven plates but it’s somewhat limited in power, so pH range is somewhat limited compared to what we normally see in seven plate units. It does come with custom filtration and a good warranty.

  • pH range 5.0 - 10.4. Antioxidant ORP up to -500
  • 200 Watts of power
  • Dual internal filters with custom prefilter
  • 7 Year warranty on parts and labor
  • 7 Plates

Which of these bargain-priced ionizers should you buy?

The LIFE Ionizers M5 is the best machine in this bunch, it gives good pH and ORP levels, and has enough power to deliver a good flow rate. LIFE backs this machine with a solid warranty. If you have limited counter space, the Alka Fresh is your best bet, since it has the smallest footprint. The Alka Prime S7C is a good machine, the only thing holding it back is that it has limited power. That being said, all three of these machines are good machines, you can’t really go wrong no matter which one you pick.

If you have a little more to spend, consider the LIFE M7, it has a lot more power, so it can provide much higher acid-fighting alkalinity. It has a pH range of 2.5 to 11, with an antioxidant ORP of up to -700, so you get a lot more benefit from drinking the alkaline water it makes. Best of all, the M7 is convertible, so you can buy it as a countertop unit, and add the faucet kit later if you want to use it under counter. None of the other ionizers discussed in this article are convertible, they are countertop use only.

The right alkaline water machine can have a big impact on your health, without having a big impact on your budget. Let an expert help you find the right machine, call us at 855 843-6506

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