Ayana Vitality Water Ionizer: 10 point inspection

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Ayana Vitality Water Ionizer: 10 point inspection

The Ayana Vitality is one of many water ionizers that claim to produce “H2 infused” water. The problem is: It doesn’t. The Vitality has only 150 watts of power, which isn’t enough to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen (you need around 1,000 watts). Ayana also claims the Vitality has “Active Ionic Disks” which in our experience usually means that this ionizer won’t give good pH and ORP levels. That feared lack of performance is exactly what we found when we put the Vitality to the test.

pH and ORP tests over time

Ayana claims a pH range of 2.5 - 115, but the best we’ve seen was a pH range of 5.5 to
9.5. That was even with the water flow slowed down as far as it could go. Those pH readings do hold up with time, but we suspect the reason is that the Vitality just isn’t that powerful of a machine.

Ayana claims an ORP range of -600 to +700, but the best we’ve seen was -280 to +550. For the $2495 asking price, you could do a lot better.

Red Flag Warning: Ayana claims this machine makes “subtle energy infused” water. There is no such thing! They also claim that this machine produces active hydrogen, but the fact is that active hydrogen (a single proton) does not exist in nature. There is more pseudoscientific nonsense in Ayana’s advertising than you’d hear from a Kangen dealer!

Our Ruling: Fail. This machine gets nowhere near the pH and ORP performance it claims. Ayana is also trying to defraud customers by claiming to deliver things that don’t exist (subtle energy, active hydrogen). Stay Away from this Machine, it’s a scam!

Toxins filtered out

The Vitality comes with GAC filtration, so it can reduce chlorine, VOCs and some metals. But if you want a prefilter, you have to pay extra, and we actually have no idea what the prefilter is supposed to filter out of your water. We are unable to verify any of the claims made by Ayana for this machine’s filters. The Vitality is only a single filter machine, so it’s filtration is inadequate.

Our Ruling: Fail. We’re not certain that the filtration in this machine works as advertised.

Quality of components

Despite Ayana’s claims, this machine looks like it was built out of spare parts left over from some other companies’ older models. The display is an ugly monochrome readout, and the controls feel cheap.

Our Ruling: Fail. This machine looks and feels cheap.

Is the Ionizer convertible?

Convertible ionizers can convert between countertop and undercounter use. We favor that kind of flexibility because it means your machine can adapt to changes in your lifestyle. The Ayana Vitality is countertop use only.

Our Ruling: Fail: The Ayana Vitality is countertop use only.

Evaluate user experience with in home trials

“Painful.” That is how our in-home tester describes what using the Vitality is like. You have to slow the flow of water way down to get any performance from this machine at all. Because of this you wait a long time for even modest sized containers to fill.

Our Ruling: Fail: The Ayana Vitality takes too long to fill containers, it’s frustrating to use.

Maintenance: Is it easy, effective?

Maintenance on the Vitality is easy, you simply replace the filter with a cleaning cartridge, run the machine, then let it sit overnight. Standard procedure for most ionizers.

Our Ruling: Pass. Maintenance is easy and effective

Warranties, return policy, user manual

Ayana offers a “limited lifetime” warranty, which when you read their warranty policy is a lot shorter than ‘lifetime’. You get 10 years on parts, and 5 years on labor. You have 30 days to return the ionizer, which is shorter than most companies, which offer a 60 day return policy. The user’s manual is usable but not particularly well laid out, you have to search for some information.

Our Ruling: Fail: Advertising this machine as having a “limited lifetime” warranty is deceptive

Customer Service/Tech support

We tried several times to contact tech support and customer service to no avail. Nobody answered calls or returned our messages.

Our Ruling: Fail. Customer support is nonexistent with this machine as far as we can tell.

How the ionizer compares to other ionizers

The Ayana VItality is a weak, underpowered, and poorly designed ionizer compared to other brands. The company’s advertising is deceptive, and relies on pseudo scientific nonsense to promote the machine.

Our Ruling: Fail. This machine does not compare well with other ionizers

Taste of the water

The water tastes as it should if you’re willing to wait for this machine to fill your glass.

Our Ruling. Pass

F = Our Grade for the Ayana Vitality 2 out of 10 for 20%

When we first got this machine, we had no idea how badly it would perform. We got the Vitality on trade in from a customer who said that it didn’t meet their needs. It’s clear after testing it that this machine probably doesn’t meet anyone’s needs. We are especially concerned about the false claims made for the water this machine produces, and for our inability to reach a live person at Ayana. We recommend avoiding the Ayana Vitality, it’s an alkaline water scam.

Get the right machine the first time. Let us take the hassle out of shopping for an ionizer with our 10 point inspection. Call us at 1 855 972-6752

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