Alka Prime S9C and S9UC Water Ionizer: 10 Point Inspection

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Alka Prime S9C and S9UC Water Ionizer: 10 Point Inspection

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Can you get a 9 plate water ionizer for the same (or less) than you’d pay for a 7 plate ionizer? If you’re looking at the Alka Prime S9UC, the answer is yes. Discount priced water ionizers can be a great value if you know what to look for. Water Ionizer Expert has been looking at discount-priced ionizers for years, and the absolute best value in bargain-priced water ionizers that we’ve ever found is the  Alka Fresh line on ionizers.

These machines are made by the same factory that makes a major label brand, so we trust these machines, the build quality is excellent. To offer these machines at a discount price, Alka Prime makes some small, reasonable compromises. The result is that the Alka Fresh S9UC gets our “Best of the Best” rating for discount priced ionizers. If you want to save money on a water ionizer, check out the Alka Prime line, these machines pack a lot of value for the money.

pH and ORP tests over time

The Alka Fresh 9 gave us a pH range of 4.2 to 11.0, which is outstanding for a discount-priced ionizer. We got an antioxidant ORP of -598, which is also great. The pH and ORP levels hold up well over time. After a few months of use, we got a pH range of 4.3 to 10.9. So it didn’t change much. We got an antioxidant ORP of -592. So this machine is a consistent strong performer.

Our Ruling: Pass. pH and ORP readings hold up well over time.

Toxins filtered out

The Alka Prime water ionizers come with the best filtration system to be found in a discount priced ionizer. It has two internal filters, and comes with free, additional custom filtration that targets the toxins in your water. Most major label brands don’t do this! So if filtration quality is important to you, the AlkaFresh ionizer should be on your shopping list.

Our Ruling: Pass. The Alka Prime machine has excellent filtration.

Quality of components

The Alka Fresh machine has 9 large plates, custom filtration, and SMPS power and 100% BPA free tubing. The only thing we’d like  to see is more power, but like all discount priced ionizers, Alka Prime compromises on power to be able offer a discount price.

Our Ruling: Pass. The Alka Prime machine is well built with quality components. We’d just like it to have more power. (partial credit)

White glove installation available

Yes. Purchase your Alka Prime water ionizer from Water Ionizer Expert, and we can arrange to have your machine installed.

Our Ruling: Pass. White glove installation is available with Alka Prime ionizers.

Evaluate user experience with in home trials

We tested the Alka Prime S9UC, which is the under counter version of this ionizer. The faucet control features a large, easy to read display, and one touch operation. The unit announces what level of ionized water you’re dispensing, it’s very easy to operate this machine. It has a good flow rate, you’ll fill gallon containers in just over a minute.

Our Ruling: Pass. The Alka Prime S9UC is easy to use and fills large containers in a reasonable amount of time.

Maintenance: Is it easy, effective?

Maintaining the Alka Prime S9UC is a snap. It uses an advanced technology auto-cleaning system to keep the plates clean. About the only maintenance you do is to run a cleaning cartridge at filter changes.

Our Ruling: Pass. Maintenance is both easy and effective on the Alka Prime machines.

Warranties, return policy, user manual

The Alka Prime S9UC has a limited lifetime warranty on parts, and 10 years on labor. This is a good warranty for a discount priced ionizer. Alka Prime offers the standard 60 day return policy you get with most major brands. The user’s manual is well written and easy to understand.

Our Ruling: Pass. The Alka Prime has a good warranty a 60 day return policy, and the manual is well written and easy to use. (partial credit)

Customer Service/Tech support

Customer service and tech support are easy to reach by phone, and the people you speak with are knowledgeable and helpful. In our opinion, Alka Prime has the best customer service and tech support of all the discount priced ionizers we’ve tested.

Our Ruling: Pass. Alka Prime has excellent customer service and tech support

How the ionizer compares to other ionizers

The Alka Prime line is the best discount priced water ionizers available. Compared with other discount brands, Alka Prime delivers better quality alkaline water, it has a better warranty, and is made with better quality components. In fact, this machine compares favorably with many major brands. It’s more powerful than the Kangen machine!

Our Ruling: Pass. The Alka Prime S9UC gets our Best in Class rating for discount priced water ionizers.

Taste of the water

The water made by the Alka Prime S9UC is sweet and very refreshing, the way it should be

Our Ruling: Pass. The water from this machine tastes excellent

A = Our Grade for the Alka Prime S9UC 9.5 out of 10 for 95%

The only thing that hurt the Alka Prime S9UC in our 10 point inspection is that it could use more power.. Other than those that, the RP-11 is a solid machine. Because of the limited power, you may have to slow the flow rate down to get good pH and ORP levels from this machine if your water has low mineral content.

Get the right machine the first time. Let us take the hassle out of shopping for an ionizer with our 10 point inspection. Call us at 1 855 972-6752

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