Is there Sodium Hypochlorite in Kangen Water?

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Is there Sodium Hypochlorite in Kangen Water?

Is there Sodium Hypochlorite in Kangen Water?

Yes, there is sodium hypochlorite in Kangen Water if you use Enagic’s electrolysis enhancer to make it. If you add salt to the water in a water ionizer, it makes a sodium hypochlorite solution. That solution is commonly known as bleach. It’s obviously very dangerous to drink bleach. That’s why most water ionizers don’t use salt to ionize water. But the Kangen Water machine does. It has a port where you can add Enagic’s electrolysis enhancer to make Strong Kangen Water. What’s in Enagic’s electrolysis enhancer? It’s a bottle of salt water that Enagic charges you $18 for a six pack. It’s a total rip off, you pay $18 for something you can make at home with table salt and water. 

Why you should never put Salt in a Kangen Water Machine

Even in tiny amounts, drinking Kangen Water with sodium hypochlorite in it will lead to heart disease. Sodium hypochlorite is the form that chlorine takes in alkaline pH water when you make it with salt. Anytime you chlorinate water, and  you are also be generating hepatotoxins - compounds that can damage or destroy your liver, and carcinogens.

But what if you flush out your Kangen machine real good after making Strong Kangen Water?

Research from the Oak Ridge National laboratories shows that if you have as little as 2 parts per million (ppm) of chlorine in your water, it will negatively impact your heart, circulatory system, and thyroid. The more alkaline your water, the worse the effect of chlorine on your body is. Can you really be sure you flushed your Kangen machine out well enough to eliminate all traces of sodium hypochlorite? No. Water Ionizer Expert has taken Kangen machines in trade from customers who bought other ionizers. We’ve found traces of chlorine compounds like sodium hypochlorite remaining in those machines. These harmful residues typically linger in the hard water deposits we find inside the Kangen machine. You can’t flush the machine well enough to eliminate all traces of sodium hypochlorite.

Is there a safe way to make Strong Kangen Water?

Yes, use a different machine. We recommend using a batch water ionizer, such as the Life Ionizers HydraCide machine. It makes ionized water one batch at a time, and it actually makes Strong Kangen water that is stronger than the Strong Kangen Water made by the Kangen Water machine! Batch ionizers are easy to clean too, they are the best choice for making ionized water with salt.

Kangen Water Chemical Additives can be Dangerous

The electrolysis enhancer isn’t the only chemical additive sold by Enagic that can make Kangen water dangerous. Enagic also sells a chemical called calcium glycerophosphate. You add it to your Kangen machine when it is too weak to properly ionize your water. Calcium glycerophosphate is a drug that is used by doctors to reduce the symptoms of interstitial cystitis, a condition that causes frequent urination. Taken as directed by a doctor, it’s perfectly safe. But if misused, it can interfere with your stomach’s ability to produce digestive acids. It can also cause kidney stones. For this reason, you should never add calcium glycerophosphate to your Kangen machine. Regardless of what Enagic says, it’s just not safe.

You are much better off buying a water ionizer that has enough power to work without chemicals. Water Ionizer Expert has several brands in stock that are a lot more powerful than the Kangen machine. They also cost a lot less. The high quality machines we have in stock need no chemicals to operate. They also have better filtration than the Kangen machine.

Avoid buyer’s remorse. Call us at 1 855 414-0399 before you buy a Kangen machine. We’ll save you a lot of money on machines that don’t use dangerous chemicals

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