LIFE Ionizers M-13 | 10 Point Inspection:

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LIFE Ionizers M-13 | 10 Point Inspection:

LIFE Ionizers M-13 | 10 Point Inspection

The LIFE M-13 is LIFE’s ultimate top-of-the-line water ionizer. This machine has 13 plates and more plate surface area than any other ionizer, it can adjust up to 800 Watts of power. All those plates and power mean that this machine can compete with ionizers that cost thousands more - and win. The M-13 has the highest flow rate of any ionizer we’ve ever tested, and it’s pH and antioxidant levels are off the charts. We rate this machine as best in the market, you simply can’t find a water ionizer with optimized health benefits like the Life M13.

pH and ORP tests over time

The M-13 gives incredible pH and antioxidant ORP performance. In our ionizer testing lab, we got a pH range of 2.1 to 12.0, which is the best we’ve ever seen. The machine’s antioxidant performance is similarly incredible, we got to an antioxidant ORP level of -878, which is also the highest we’ve ever seen. Thanks to LIFE’s patent-
pending RADC self-cleaning system, the pH and ORP levels we got after 6 months of use were pretty close to original. the pH range was 2.3 to 11.7, and the antioxidant ORP level was -865.

Thanks to the combination of large plates and high power, this machine gives you the highest antioxidant ORP at pH levels that are recommended for daily drinking by health experts. Alkaline health experts recommend alkaline drinking water with a pH range of 8.5 - 9.5 for daily use. Other machine may reach these antioxidant levels, but usually only at pH levels that are too high for daily use.

Our ruling: Pass. If you are looking for strong pH performance to tackle the toughest body acidity challenges, and outstanding antioxidant ORP performance to fight harmful age-causing oxidation, look no further, the M-13 is the best.

Toxins filtered out

The LIFE M-13 comes with LIFE’s ultimate custom filtration system. LIFE Ionizers will analyze your local water quality report and find out which toxins are in your water. They will then customize your filtration system so you have the right filters to address them. LIFE is the only ionizer company that makes sure you get the right filters for your water quality.

Our ruling: Pass LIFE Ionizer’s filtration is the best in the water ionizer industry. If you want the best protection from toxins in your water, get a LIFE.

Quality of components

The LIFE M-13 is certified lead free by the Water Quality Association, and uses 100% BPA free plastics. It has an 800 Watt SMPS power supply which saves energy and produces a ton of power. The plates in our M-13 are LIFE’s new GRID plates, which are drop-forged and much sturdier than the plates in competing ionizers. LIFE Ionizers are convertible, so you can use them countertop or undercounter with LIFE’s optional faucet kit. The faucet is solid stainless steel, which we really like. Many competing brands have cheap plastic faucets that break. The M-13 is a heavy duty machine that we expect will easily last a lifetime.

Our ruling: Pass. Life Ionizers uses only BPA free plastics, stainless steel, and other high quality components in every machine.


White glove installation available

Life Ionizers will help you locate an experienced installer. They’ve been connecting their customers with reputable installers nationwide for decades, so they have a lot of great service people to refer to you.

Our ruling: Pass. LIFE will help you find a reputable installer who will give you white glove service.

Evaluate user experience with in home trials

The M-13 is very easy to use, and it has the highest flow rate than any other ionizer we’ve tested. It’s versatile, you can use it countertop, or under the counter with the addition of LIFE’s optional faucet kit. Either way, you’ll be very pleased with the ease of use, quality of the water, and the high flow rate.

Our ruling: Pass. The M-13 is easy to use and versatile. It makes great tasting water that meets or exceeds our expectations for pH and ORP levels. We especially love how fast it fills large containers.

Maintenance: Is it easy, effective?

The LIFE M-13 is equipped with LIFE’s patent-pending RADC cleaning system which works in the background to keep the machine clean. The only maintenance you have to do on a LIFE Ionizer is filter changes. At filter change, you run a cleaning cartridge to give your ionizer a deep cleaning, and that’s it! That’s really all you need to do to get a lifetime of top performance from a LIFE Ionizer.

Our ruling: Pass. As with all LIFE Ionizers, maintenance is very easy and 100% effective.

Warranties, return policy, user manual

The LIFE M-13 comes with a lifetime warranty on parts and labor, it is a top-of-the-line machine that we expect will easily last a lifetime. LIFE offers the standard 60 day return policy with a 15% restocking fee. The user’s manual is well illustrated and easy to follow.

Our ruling: Pass. The warranty on the M-13 is exactly what we expect on high end machines, and LIFE’s return policy is the industry standard. The user’s manual is well written and easy to understand.

Customer Service/Tech support

LIFE Ionizers customer service and tech support is second to none. We especially like how knowledgeable LIFE’s customer support and tech support staff are. With other ionizer companies, you get passed around from person to person, and department to department because nobody seems to have the information you need. At LIFE, you always get connected to the person in a position to help you.

Our ruling: Pass. LIFE Ionizers has excellent customer service and tech support. We really like how knowledgeable the staff are at LIFE.

How the ionizer compares to other ionizers

The LIFE M-13 is the only 13 plate water ionizer in the world. It is also the most powerful machine, with the highest flow rate, on the market today. It outperforms all other ionizers for acid-fighting alkalinity and age-defying antioxidant potential. You’ll especially love how fast this machine fills large containers. This is the machine that LIFE’s competitors wish they could beat, but can’t.

Our ruling: Pass. The M-13 outperforms all other brands top-of-the-line models, even models that cost a lot more money! This machine is both a top performer and a bargain

Taste of the water

The water made by the M-13 tastes great, it’s slightly sweeter and a lot more refreshing than ordinary water. In fact, it’s likely that this machine makes the best tasting water you’ve ever drank.

Our ruling: Pass. The water from this machine tastes great.

A+ = Our Grade for the LIFE Ionizers M-13: 10 out of 10 for 100%

The M-13 really deserves an A+ because it exceeds our expectations in so many ways. It gets better pH and ORP levels than other ionizers, and it has a higher flow rate. It is a well built solid machine and we love the fact that it’s convertible, you can use it countertop or undercounter, it’s your choice. LIFE Ionizers raised the bar with this machine, no other competing ionizer comes even close.

Get the right machine the first time. Let us take the hassle out of shopping for an ionizer with our 10 point inspection. Call us at 1 855 972-6752

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