AlkaFresh 9: 10 Point Inspection

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AlkaFresh 9: 10 Point Inspection

AlkaFresh 9: 10 Point Inspection

The AlkaFresh line is a discount-priced line of ionizers that’s backed by one of the largest ionizer manufacturers in the industry. These machines make a few reasonable compromises so they can be sold at a significant discount compared to the major brands. For this 10 point inspection, we’re evaluating the AlkaFresh 9, which is AlkaFresh’s top-of-the-line nine plate unit. This machine has a decent amount of power and nine large MESH plates. So we expected this machine to give us pretty good performance, and that’s exactly what we got. We rate the AlkaFresh 9 as a great value.

pH and ORP tests over time

AlkaFresh advertises this machine as having a pH range of 5.5 to 10.5, and that’s pretty close to what we got. Our machine gave us a pH range of 5.7 to 10.8. After six months of use, the pH range was nearly unchanged at 5.7 to 10.7. The reason this machine performs so well is that i
t shares it’s SMPS power and cleaning technologies with one of the major brands.

We also got solid, consistent antioxidant ORP readings over our 6 month test period. New, our AlkaFresh 9 gave us a -582 ORP. After six months, the ORP was nearly unchanged at -=579. For a discount-priced machine the AlkaFresh 9 stands out as a solid performer

Our ruling: Pass. The AlkaFresh machine maintains remarkably consistent pH and ORP levels thanks to it’s use of tested and proven power and cleaning technology.

Toxins filtered out

When you buy your AlkaFresh ionizer from Water Ionizer Expert, it  come with custom filtration that targets the toxins in your local water supply, so we expected this machine to perform well in lab water quality testing, and it did. Our lab tests showed that this machine filtered out the known toxins in our water to below detectable levels.

Our ruling: Pass. Water ionizers with custom filtration outperform ionizers with “one size fits all” filter systems. The AlkaFresh 9 is a great value because of it’s custom filtration, this is a feature that we normally don’t see in discount priced ionizers. Custom Filtration = Water Ionizer Expert bonus feature!

Quality of components

The AlkaFresh 9 is a solid, well built machine that comes with MESH plates standard! Most discount priced water ionizers come with ordinary flat plates, MESH plates give better pH and ORP performance, so they definitely add a lot of value to this machine. It is powered by a 400 Watt SMPS power supply, so this machine has enough power to give you great pH and ORP levels.

Our ruling: Pass. The AlkaFresh 9 is a well built machine with that comes with modern technology and  MESH plates. The quality of the components in this machine is truly superior to other discount priced ionizers in it’s price point. You simply get a lot of machine for your money.

White glove installation available

Water Ionizer Expert carries and recommends the AlkaFresh 9. We will connect you with a professional installer who will give you white glove service

Our Ruling: Pass  You can get white glove service if you want someone to install your AlkaFresh 9 for you

Evaluate user experience with in home trials

The AlkaFresh 9 has large, easy to use controls, and a bright, easy to read display. We love that it has a flow control knob that lets you adjust the flow to fit your needs. You can slow the flow of water through the machine down to increase pH and ORP levels if you need, or at it’s full flow rate, you can fill a gallon container in about a minute.

Our Ruling: Pass The AlkaFresh 9 is easy to use, and the flow control knob adds valuable versatility to this machine

Maintenance: Is it easy, effective?

Maintaining the AlkaFresh 9 is very easy. Thanks to the fact that this machine shares its tried and true cleaning technology with a major brand, all you have to do is run a cleaning cartridge at filter changes to keep this system running strong. Filters can last 9 months to a year, so you don’t have to change them very often.

Our Ruling: Pass The AlkaFresh line is the easiest to maintain of all the discount priced ionizers we’ve ever tested.

Warranties, return policy, user manual

The AlkaFresh 10 comes with a lifetime warranty on parts, and 10 years on labor. This is probably the best warranty you’ll find on a bargain priced water ionizer. AlkaFresh honors the industry standard 60 Day return with 15% restocking fee policy. The user’s manual is well written and easy to follow, with plentiful illustrations.

Our Ruling: Pass The warranty is excellent for machines in this price point. The return policy meets the industry standard, which is good. Lastly, the user’s manual is well written, informative, and easy to follow.

Customer Service/Tech support

AlkaFresh has very good customer service and technical support. Frankly, it’s better than some of the major brands. Their support center is US based in San Diego and the staff there are polite, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Our Ruling: Pass. AlkaFresh has customer and tech support that rivals some of the major brands.

How the ionizer compares to other ionizers

The AlkaFresh 9 is the best value in the bargain priced ionizer market. You get excellent pH and ORP levels, custom filtration that addresses your local water quality, and a modern, well built machine. All these reasons are why we rate AlkaFresh a best value in the discount ionizer market.

Our Ruling: Pass. The AlkaFresh 9 is the leader in quality and value in the discount priced ionizer market.

Taste of the water

The water made by the AlkaFresh 9 tastes excellent, slightly sweet and very refreshing. Given this machine’s excellent filtration, power, and MESH plates, it’s not surprising that the quality of the water it makes rivals some major brands

Our Ruling: Pass  The water from this machine tastes sweet and refreshing

A. = Our Grade for the AlkaFresh 9: 10 out of 10 for 100%

The AlkaFresh 9 meets or exceeds all our expectations for a machine in this price point. If you’re shopping for a bargain, this is it.

Let us take the hassle out of shopping for an ionizer with our 10 point inspection. Call us at 1 855 972-6752

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