LIFE Ionizers M-9: 10 Point Inspection -

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LIFE Ionizers M-9: 10 Point Inspection -

The LIFE Ionizers M-9 is a nine plate ionizer with up to 504 Watts of power. The machine we got for our testing came with the optional heavy duty GRID plates, and UV light technology. The plates in this machine are large, and it is the most powerful nine plate unit we’ve ever tested. Because of the impressive amount of power and large plates, we had high expectations for the M-9 - it delivered, and even exceeded our expectations on several points. Because of how well it performed on Water Ionizer Expert’s 10 point inspection, we rate the LIFE M-9 a best buy in the nine plate ionizer market. Read the results of our inspection below:

pH and ORP tests over time

pH When new, our LIFE M-9 was able to give us a pH range of 2.1 - 11.7 which is very near what LIFE advertises for this machine. After 6 months, and just before filter change, we got a pH range of 2.3 - 11.4 which is incredibly consistent, a lot more consistent than most machines we test. We credit this machine’s consistency to LIFE’s patent-pending RADC cleaning system. It runs automatically to maintain the machine’s flow rate and performance.

ORP Likewise, this machine’s antioxidant level performance was remarkably consistent. When new, the M-9 gave us an ORP of -852, which was higher than we expected. After six months, the ORP was nearly unchanged at -849.

Our ruling: Pass. The LIFE machine reaches it’s advertised pH and ORP levels, and those levels stay constant over time.

Toxins filtered out

The M-9 comes with LIFE’s best-in-the-industry custom filtration system. The filters in our machine are configured to address toxins that are found in your local water supply. For us, the most dangerous toxins in our local water supply are disinfection byproducts such as trihalomethane, which is a carcinogen.

We had the water from the M-9 tested for trihalomethanes and many other toxins commonly found in drinking water. The test showed that those toxins had been filtered out to below detectable levels. LIFE’s custom filtration did exactly what LIFE claims: It protects you from the toxins found in your water supply, a fact that we find comforting indeed!

Our ruling: Pass. The LIFE M-9’s custom filtration does an excellent job of filtering out the toxins in your local water supply

Quality of components

The LIFE M-9 is certified lead free by the Water Quality Association, and uses 100% BPA free plastics. It has a modern SMPS power supply that saves energy and really cranks out a lot of power at the same time. The plates in our machine are LIFE’s new GRID plates, they are drop-forged, and look much sturdier than the plates in competing ionizers. We set our M-9 up as an undercounter unit - a LIFE Ionizer is convertible, you can use it countertop or under counter. The faucet was solid stainless steel, which we really like. Many competing brands that actually cost more come with cheap plastic faucets that break. Overall, this is a solid, well built machine.

Our Ruling: Pass The M-9 is solidly built of high quality materials. We really like how well constructed and solid the faucet for under counter use is.

White glove installation available

Water Ionizer Expert carries and recommends the LIFE M-9. We will connect you with a professional installer who will give you white glove service

Our Ruling: Pass  You can get white glove service if you want someone to install your LIFE M-9 for you

Evaluate user experience with in home trials

The M-9 is very easy to use. It has large, easy to read touch controls, and the display is bright and easy to read. This machine won’t keep you waiting either, it flows about 4 liters per minute, so it fills a gallon container in just under a minute. The faucet control is also easy to use. It has large touch controls and an easy to read display. Both the M-9 unit and it’s faucet are aesthetically pleasing, and should compliment the look of any kitchen.

Our Ruling: Pass The M-9 is easy to use, and it fills containers quickly.

Maintenance: Is it easy, effective?

Maintenance on the LIFE M-9 is simple. The machine’s advanced technology RADC cleaning system runs automatically to keep the system clean. The only thing you actually have to do is to run a cleaning cartridge at filter change time, and that’s not very often! The filters in the M-9 can last nine months to a year easily.

Our Ruling: Pass

Warranties, return policy, user manual

The LIFE M-9 comes with a lifetime guarantee on parts and labor. Our experience with LIFE Ionizers customer service has always been excellent. LIFE units are serviced at the company headquarters in Carlsbad, California, which is is very nice when you consider the fact that many other brands make you ship your machine overseas for service.

LIFE offers the industry standard 60 day return policy with a 15% restocking fee. This is the same as every other brand except Enagic, which only gives you five days to return a machine

The user’s manual is well written with lots of illustrations. It’s very easy to follow, whether you’re setting up a machine, changing the filters or learning how to use your LIFE Ionizer.

Our Ruling: Pass

Customer Service/Tech support

LIFE Ionizers has excellent customer service and technical support. Anytime we’ve had to call them, we’ve always gotten a knowledgeable person on the other end of the line within a very reasonable time. The staff there that we’ve spoken with are both knowledgeable and courteous. In fact, the staff at LIFE Ionizers probably knows more about alkaline water for health than any other ionizer company.

The Tech support staff at LIFE really knows their stuff. It doesn’t matter whether you’re asking about a new unit, or one of their original models, the tech support team always has an answer for you.

Our Ruling: Pass LIFE’s customer service and tech support are second to none.

How the ionizer compares to other ionizers

LIFE Ionizers has been the industry leader in technology and quality since they entered the US market 20 years ago. That record of excellence shows in the M-9, it is far more powerful than competing ionizers, and LIFE offers options like UV light technology, which addresses bacteria, viruses, and cysts, that you can’t find in any other ionizer. We love the fact that LIFE Ionizers are convertible. You can use your machine under counter when at home, but then just unplug it and take it with you on vacation and use it as a counter top unit.

Our Ruling: Pass The LIFE M-9 is the superior machine when compared with other ionizers. It’s more powerful, better built, and has innovate technologies that the other brands don’t offer

Taste of the water

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to drink the water from a protected mountain spring, then you’ll know what the alkaline water from a LIFE Ionizer tastes like. It’s slightly sweeter than regular water, and it feels a lot more refreshing. The taste is a big part of the reason why we chose LIFE as our office machine here at Water Ionizer Expert. The taste of the water from the LIFE M-9 meets with the approval of our test cat, Groucho. You can put a bowl of bottled water next to a bowl of alkaline water from the M-9 side by side, Groucho will go for the alkaline water every time!

Our Ruling: Pass The alkaline water from the LIFE M-9 tastes great, it is so refreshing. Plus, it meets with the approval of our test cat Groucho.

A = Our Grade for the LIFE Ionizer M-9: 10 out of 10 for 100%

The LIFE M-9 passed our 10 point inspection with flying colors. It’s a well built machine that meets or exceeds our expectations. We have lots of confidence in the M-9’s custom filtration system, it’s very impressive to see an ionizer filter out dangerous toxins to levels below what our lab could detect. The M-9 is an easy to use machine that fills your container quickly, and the water tastes great. Lastly, it’s a real pleasure to do business with the LIFE Ionizer staff. We rate the M-9 a best buy.

Let us take the hassle out of shopping for an ionizer with our 10 point inspection. Call us at 1 855 972-6752

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