LIFE Ionizers announces the new Next Generation M-11 The most powerful home water ionizer ever built

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LIFE Ionizers announces the new Next Generation M-11 The most powerful home water ionizer ever built

CARLSBAD, CA. – August  2013 - LIFE Ionizers. ( announces a totally new concept in home water ionizers: The LIFE M-11 is the world’s high performance water ionizer. The M-11 features a large ionization chamber for outstanding water flow and uncompromising performance


About the Next Generation LIFE M -11 Series 

The new M-11 has the largest Titanium/Platinum plates in the world. ™, LIFE’s MAX Yield SMPS Power System and new ionization chambers. The M-11’s plates have more surface area than any other residential ionizer.  LIFE Ionizers also significantly increased the power available in the new M-11. It adjusts up to 800 Watts of SMPS power (depending on power source), which makes it the most powerful home water ionizer available to consumers today. The New 2015 M11 Series with the New 2015 Heavy-Duty GRID Plate Technology™ with MAX Plate: 8 layers of Platinum over Industrial Titanium.


Largest total Platinum/Titanium plate surface area of any home ionizer

  • More Power – 110% more power than this year’s M9 Life Ionizer

  • Highest Water Flow – 25% faster than this year’s M9 Life Ionizer

  • Highest Antioxidant Potential (-ORP) – 20% more than this year’s M9 Life Ionizer


Advanced Technology Exclusive to LIFE Ionizers

  • Largest plates and highest plate surface area of any home water ionizer

  • Two (2) more plates than our M9 Series

  • More Power than ANY residential ionizer – we guarantee it!

  • Highest flow rate at high pH and ORP levels of any home water ionizer

  • Customized filtration system for ultimate water purity

LIFE Ionizers Chief Executive Visionary, Rick H. Cabados, says that the new 2014 Next Generation M-11 is LIFE Ionizers most advanced water ionizer ever. “I was very excited when Samsung approached me about partnering up to create the world’s first air and water ionizer. Our team worked day and night with Samsung’s team to make the M-11. Our goal was to make the most powerful, innovate ionizer in the world. I have the very first one in my own home, and I am amazed at how much the quality of the air has improved, and how powerful this machine truly is.”


About LIFE Ionizers®

EarthTrade Water™ manufactures many well known healthy water products including Life Water Ionizers which are sold worldwide. They also manufactures and distributes “all things water”™  including home filtration systems like the Dolphin Whole Home Filtration System™; “Pitcher of Life™” alkaline water pitcher; Dr. Life Vortex Water Optimizer™; a full line of BPA free water bottles including the Water for Life™ bottle; and many other high quality products.

LIFE Ionizers was founded by Rick H. Cabados in 1996, who, along with his technicians and advisors have over 50 years of water treatment experience.  Their team developed the Next Generation M-Series and conducted extensive field testing on the new LIFE Ionizers M-Series

For more information on the LIFE Ionizer’s Next Generation M-11, visit: or call (888) 688-8889.


Media contact:

Rick H. Cabados

Phone: (888) 688-8889


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