Pitcher of LIFE compared to Turapur Water Pitcher

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Pitcher of LIFE compared to Turapur Water Pitcher

Active Hydrogen or Alkaline Minerals? These two filter pitchers couldn’t be more different: The Pitcher of LIFE is an alkaline mineral water filter pitcher that makes antioxidant alkaline water fortified with calcium and magnesium. The Turapur Water PItcher releases hydrogen in water using a magnesium catalyst. Both pitchers use filtration to reduce chlorine, VOC’s and Heavy metals, and both are inexpensive. So which one is better for your health? Our testing reveals the answer…

The Pitcher of LIFE

The antioxidant alkaline mineral water made by the Pitcher of LIFE is good for your health. There are over 40 studies that suggest that drinking alkaline mineral water may improve your health. Research suggests that drinking alkaline mineral water may help:

  • Bone health
  • Healthy weight management
  • Improve digestive health
  • Increase hydration
  • Detoxification
  • Many other benefits

 The Pitcher of LIFE is easy to use. Simply fill it with water and it makes alkaline mineral water. The filters last two months or 40 gallons, whichever comes first. We also like the fact that the Pitcher of LIFE is made of 100% BPA free plastics and has a 3 year warranty.

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The Pitcher of LIFE filters your water and then adds alkaline minerals and antioxidant potential to it. In testing, we typically got a pH of between 9.5 and 10, with antioxidant potential in a range from -50 to -200 ORP, depending on the quality of your source water. The water made by the Pitcher of LIFE tastes great. When we’re away from our home ionizers, the Pitcher of LIFE is our go-to source for alkaline water.

Turapur Water Pitcher

The Turapur works like a hydrogen stick, it uses a magnesium catalyst to make hydrogen gas. There are no studies that suggest any health benefits from drinking hydrogen gas. In fact, it’s actually impossible to test this! The reason you can’t test hydrogen in drinking water for health effects is simple: As soon as you pour water with hydrogen gas in it into your glass, the hydrogen escapes from it and rises off to drift away into the atmosphere. Hydrogen is lighter than air, so it simply rises up and goes away as you pour the water into your glass.

Turapur claims that this pitcher makes “active hydrogen” but there’s a problem: Active hydrogen is single atom of hydrogen (H+) and those are highly unstable. If you make active hydrogen, it immediately chemically combines with other active hydrogen atoms to form molecular hydrogen (H2). So the claim that this pitcher puts active hydrogen in water is a flat-out lie. Active hydrogen doesn’t exist in nature.

There’s another problem with the Turapur pitcher: It isn’t sealed shut! This means that as it’s making hydrogen, the hydrogen it makes is simply escaping into the atmosphere. So you don’t actually get hydrogen in your water from this pitcher. It does raise the pH of your water as high as 9, but the reason for this is that some of the magnesium catalyst is released into the water while the pitcher is making hydrogen. Because Turapur lies about active hydrogen, we consider the Turapur Water Pitcher to be a scam.

“Due to California regulations, it’s unavailable in California”

If you live in California, you can’t order a Turapur pitcher. California has strict Truth in Advertising regulations. The claims made for Turapur about active hydrogen contradict elementary laws of chemistry and physics. Due to the fact that Turapur’s health claims are false, and based on false science, California won’t allow it’s citizens to get ripped off by Turapur.

Winner: Pitcher of LIFE:

The Pitcher of LIFE is the clear winner in our comparison. It fortifies your water with calcium and magnesium, where you only get a tiny amount of magnesium only from the Turapur. The Pitcher of LIFE gives you more acid-fighting alkalinity, and it gives you antioxidant potential. This makes the Pitcher of LIFE the hands-down winner in our comparison.

We recommend against purchasing the Turapur pitcher, it’s promoted using fake science (which is why California forbids its sale)  and the quality of the water it makes isn’t nearly as good as the water made by the Pitcher of LIFE. We dislike the fact that Turapur makes fraudulent health claims based on fake, easily disproven science.

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