Alkaline Water Filter Pitchers vs Hydrogen Sticks

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Alkaline Water Filter Pitchers vs Hydrogen Sticks

If you’re looking for the most economical way to make alkaline water, you have two choices: Alkaline water filter pitchers or hydrogen sticks. Both will make your water more alkaline, and both will provide some antioxidant benefit. There are upsides and downsides to both: Hydrogen sticks are easily portable, but they don’t filter out toxins like chlorine and other contaminants which makes alkaline water unhealthy. Alkaline pitchers do filter water, but are larger than hydrogen sticks so they’re a little le
ss portable.

Alkaline water filter pitchers vs hydrogen sticks: Cost

You can get a good alkaline filter pitcher, such as the Pitcher of LIFE, for less than $50. Hydrogen sticks are generally more expensive, starting around $65. But the total cost of using a hydrogen stick can be much higher: Since hydrogen sticks don’t filter water, you either have to filter it yourself, or buy bottled water. Even if you buy an inexpensive filter pitcher, when you add the cost of the filter pitcher to that of the hydrogen stick, it will cost you at least twice as much as an alkaline filter pitcher will.Bottom Line: Hydrogen sticks will cost you about twice as much as alkaline water filter pitchers will when you factor in the cost of filtering your water. Using bottled water would make the cost of using a hydrogen stick even higher.

pH and Antioxidant ORP Strength

pH: You have no control over the pH of the water that a hydrogen stick makes, but we see them generally make alkaline water with a pH of 10 and higher. Health experts recommend drinking alkaline water with a pH of 9.5, so hydrogen sticks make alkaline water with a pH that is too high for drinking except when you’re working out, or trying to raise your body’s pH.

Alkaline water filter pitchers typically make alkaline water in a pH range of 9 - 10, so the alkaline water they make is right in the perfect pH range for daily drinking.

The problem with hydrogen sticks is that you have to leave them in your water. You can’t take it out once you’ve put your hydrogen stick into water because it will oxidize and become unusable, once inserted into water, a hydrogen stick must remain submerged, you have to replace the water in your bottle as you drink it, which is a real hassle.

Antioxidant ORP: Alkaline filter pitchers vary widely in performance. Our favorite, The Pitcher of LIFE, gives you an antioxidant ORP of around -250. Hydrogen sticks also vary widely, but they usually don’t give you as much antioxidant potential as an alkaline water filter pitcher will.

Potential health effects

Hydrogen sticks: Despite the claims you read in the ads for hydrogen sticks, there is no medical benefit from drinking water with dissolved hydrogen in it. The health benefits you get from the stick come from the magnesium it uses to alkalize your water. When the stick makes hydrogen, it also makes magnesium hydroxide - the active ingredient in Milk of Magnesia. Because of this, the water made by a hydrogen stick acts as a laxative. If you drink too much of it at once, you may find yourself running to get to the bathroom in time!

Alkaline filter pitchers: An alkaline water filter pitcher puts more than one kind of mineral into your water. For example, with a Pitcher of LIFE, you get three essential minerals: Calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Filter pitchers limit the amount of minerals they put in your water, so they don’t have the same laxative effect that hydrogen sticks can have.

Your body needs all three of the essential minerals that the Pitcher of LIFE puts into your water for good health. It doesn’t need and can’t absorb the hydrogen that hydrogen sticks make. When you drink water with hydrogen in it, the hydrogen simply comes back up as a burp because you can’t absorb hydrogen from your intestines. The only organ in your body that can absorb hydrogen is your lungs.

Both hydrogen sticks and alkaline water filter pitchers will supply alkalinity and antioxidant benefit, but the filter pitcher is the healthier choice because it maintains the pH of your water at healthy levels, and gives you three essential minerals. Hydrogen sticks only supply magnesium.

Bottom Line: The alkaline water made by a filter pitcher will be better for your health, and safer to drink, than the water made by a hydrogen stick.


As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, hydrogen sticks are more portable, but they aren’t more convenient. The problem is that you have to keep the stick from drying out, so you actually have to bring two bottles of water with you: One to for the hydrogen stick, and one full of water to replace the water in the hydrogen stick bottle. Of course, you can buy bottled water to use with the stick if you like paying more than what you pay for a gallon of gas, for water.

Alkaline filter pitchers are definitely more convenient because you use tap water to refill them. Our favorite, the Pitcher of LIFE, features a slim design so it fits in suitcases and in your car for road trips or vacations. Most alkaline filter pitchers make alkaline water in batches of two liters at a time, so you won’t have to refill your pitcher constantly the way you have to with a hydrogen stick.

The Winner: Alkaline Water Filter Pitchers

Hands down, alkaline water filter pitchers are a better choice than hydrogen sticks. They make better quality water, with more essential minerals in it than hydrogen sticks do. Filter pitchers are more convenient overall, and less expensive to use. Filter pitchers also cost a lot less to use than hydrogen sticks do. Our recommendation, if you’re choosing between the two, is to get a pitcher.

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