Water Ionizer Reviews: Chanson Miracle MAX

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Water Ionizer Reviews: Chanson Miracle MAX

Water Ionizer Reviews: Chanson Miracle MAX

We finally got our first Chanson ionizer to review here at Water Ionizer Expert, and boy were we underwhelmed. The Chanson Miracle MAX is a seven plate ionizer with only 150 Watts of power. The Miracle Max comes with a mineral injection port, like other underpowered ionizers such as the Kangen machine do. We tested the machine to make sure we would be able to reach satisfactory pH and antioxidant ORP levels without adding chemicals, but the machine failed to attain reasonable levels.  What we didn’t expect was just how far short of the mark this machine actually is. Without chemicals, the Miracle Max struggles to reach adequate alkaline pH levels, and forget about acidic water levels. This machine just doesn’t have the power.

Salt: How Chanson cheats on pH and ORP tests

If you look at most reviews of the Miracle Max, you’ll see these pH and ORP values repeated over and over: pH of 1.8 to 12.1 and ORP from +1200 to -900. These values come from Chanson. This kind of performance would normally be nothing short of incredible, especially for an ionizer that only has 150 Watts of power, but there’s a catch:

To reach those pH and ORP levels you must add salt.

Chanson boasts of their Himalayan sea salt injection port, they claim their ionizer is the first ever to be designed to use Himalayan sea salt. What they don’t tell you is that if you use Himalayan sea salt to boost your pH or ORP levels, it turns your alkaline water into bleach. Himalayan sea salt, just like ordinary table salt, consists primarily of sodium chloride. The only difference between ordinary table salt and Himalayan sea salt is that the Himalayan salt contains trace minerals in addition to sodium chloride. When you use salt in an ionizer, it makes bleach.

Dangerously artificial alkaline water

Chanson admits in their user’s manual that you’re not supposed to make drinking water with Himalayan salt . According to their users manual, you’re supposed to “add calcium, or magnesium minerals” to boost the machine’s alkaline water pH levels. But what they don’t tell you is:

  • Which minerals? Chanson doesn’t list any
  • How much? Too much mineral content is hazardous to your health
  • What ratio of calcium to magnesium? It matters for health

Which minerals? There are lots of different kinds of calcium and magnesium mineral salts. Some, if used strictly within dietary guidelines, could be safe. But others definitely are not. For example calcium chloride will fill your ionizer with toxic calcium hypochlorite, which is bleach made with calcium.

How much? Add enough minerals, and you’ll get that 12.1 pH that Chanson advertises, but you may also get kidney stones. Ionizing those added minerals with a water ionizer makes them easier to absorb, that’s a good thing as long as you don’t add too much! If you add too much, there can be significant health consequences. Chanson leaves this important information out of the owner’s manual for the Miracle Max.

Ratio of calcium to magnesium: The ideal ratio of calcium to magnesium in water is 4:1, but Chanson doesn’t tell you that either. That ratio reflects the Recommended Daily Intake of both calcium and magnesium. For those added minerals to be good for your health, you need to make sure you don’t add too much, and that you add them in the 4:1 ratio to ensure you get your daily needs of minerals from water. But Chanson doesn’t tell you any of this.

How the Chanson Miracle Max performs without added salt

Without salt, the performance you get from the Miracle Max diminishes considerably. The pH range and ORP range you get will depend on your tap water, but don’t expect this machine to reach anywhere higher than a pH of 10, unless you slow the flow of water going through it way down. We ran the Miracle Max at it’s advertised flow rate of 2 liters per minute, and here’s what we found:

  • pH range: 6.8 to 9.9
  • ORP range +780 to -243

You can boost those numbers by slowing the flow of water down - way down. At 1 liter per minute, we were able to coax a pH of 10.6 out of this machine. But keep in mind, that at one liter per minute, you’ll be waiting about 4 minutes for a gallon container to fill. For the price of the Miracle Max, you can get ionizers that will fill that gallon container a lot faster.

BBB: Chanson makes unsubstantiated claims = F Rating

The Better Business Bureau gives Chanson an F because of untruthful advertising. The BBB’s concerns are about unsubstantiated health claims. Chanson is saying things that simply aren’t true. That should concern you. They’re willing to play fast and loose with your health by making claims that lack medically acceptable evidence. That alone suggests that this company simply isn’t trustworthy.

Think about it: If Chanson is willing to make false claims about health, what might they be willing to say to sell their ionizers?

Our recommendation: Avoid the Miracle Max

The Chanson Miracle Max isn’t worth the price. Unless you add chemicals, you won’t get the pH or ORP levels that Chanson claims for this machine. To get good pH levels without chemicals, you have to slow the flow rate on this machine way down. For the asking price, we can help you find an ionizer that will give you excellent performance, without added chemicals.

We’ll help you find the best water ionizer for your budget. Speak with an Expert at: 1 855-977-8723

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