Water Ionizer Review | New LIFE Ionizers M-9 vs. Enagic®

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Water Ionizer Review | New LIFE Ionizers M-9 vs. Enagic®

Water Ionizer Review | New Life Ionizers MXL-9 vs. Enagic®

Life Ionizers has just released their all new MXL-Series of alkaline water ionizers. Our phones have been ringing off the hook with people calling us and asking us for details on these new machines. What‘s the one question that everybody is asking? How do these new LIFE Ionizers compare to the kangen water® machine? We put both alkaline water machines to the test in a head-to-head comparison, here’s what we found:

LIFE MXL-9 compared to Enagic® SD-501

We compared both companies’ machines to each other. From LIFE Ionizers we got the new MXL-9. It’s a 9 plate water ionizer with a lot of power. The MXL-9 is an attractive looking machine, we love the display, it’s very easy to read. The thing we like most about the MXL-9 is the flow rate. This machine fills a gallon bottle in less than a minute!

The Enagic® SD-501 has the same, uninspired appliance white look that it had when it first came out. The kangen water® machine’s display is black and white, it looks old and outdated and it’s hard to read in bright light. The kangen machine has a decent flow rate, but it’s slow compared to the LIFE MXL-9.

Molecular Hydrogen

Life Ionizers new MXL Series ionizer machines come with Life's new Hydrogen XL technology. It puts the highest amount of molecular hydrogen possible into every glass of water you drink. In fact, Life Ionizers guarantees you'll get the most molecular hydrogen of any brand. The SD-501 doesn't have hydrogen technology, it doesn't have the amount of power that you need to split water molecules, and release the hydrogen in them.

Alkaline Water pH and –ORP

The Life MXL-9 is the clear hands-down winner in this category; it makes very strong, natural alkaline water effortlessly. The kangen machine uses chemicals, so it makes artificially alkaline water. The Life MXL-9 was able to make naturally alkaline water with higher pH and stronger –ORP levels than the kangen machine’s artificial, chemically enhanced alkaline water!

The Life MXL-9 is a much stronger water ionizer than the kangen machine; it has almost twice as much power! The massive power of the M-9 is the secret behind it’s amazing high flow rate. With all this power, the Life machine can make lots of alkaline water quickly, without compromising pH and –ORP. The kangen machine can’t even come close.

Alkaline Water Purity

The all-new MXL-Series is Life Ionizers best ever, but one thing hasn’t changed: Life Ionizer’s commitment to water purity. The LIFE MXL-9 series comes with dual internal filters, and the free, custom-configured pre-filter that made LIFE Ionizers the industry leader in water quality.

The kangen water® machine only comes with a single internal filter. Enagic®’s filter is very limited; it doesn’t filter metallic ions – like lead – from your water or salt (source: Enagic®’s website.) For this reason, if you live in an older home, or are close to salt water, we recommend you avoid the kangen machine entirely.

Bottom Line: Life MXL-Series best alkaline water machine by far

The MXL-Series is incredible; these machines have the highest flow rate we’ve ever seen. These machines make the strongest natural alkaline water you can get from a home water ionizer. The Life MXL-Series is at least $1000 less than the kangen water® machine and it comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty. The kangen machine is only has a 5 year warranty.

Our recommendation: Compare the Life MXL-Series to any brand of water ionizer you want, the MXL-Series will beat them all.

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