Water ionizers vs. Hydrogen Sticks and alkaline pH drops

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Water ionizers vs. Hydrogen Sticks and alkaline pH drops

If you’ve been shopping for a  water ionizer, you’ve probably come across hydrogen sticks and alkaline drops that claim to provide the same benefit as a water ionizer. But do they? When you compare them to water ionizers, keep in mind that hydrogen sticks and alkaline drops don’t filter your water. This lack of filtration can end up costing you big money! When compared to water ionizers, hydrogen sticks and alkaline drops turn out to be surprisingly expensive, and limited in the benefits they offer

Water Purity

For drinking water to be healthy, it must be clean. Water ionizers take care of this for you because they have filters which purify your water before ionizing it. Hydrogen sticks and alkaline pH drops don’t purify your water, so you must provide a source of purified water. If you use bottled water, that can make your alkaline water more expensive than a gallon of gas! It is best to filter your water yourself.

Alkaline Water Minerals

A water ionizer turns the minerals in your water into healthy mineral hydrates. If you have hard water (most people do) a water ionizer makes your water perfect; sweet, delicious and healthy. Hydrogen sticks add magnesium to water. There are benefits to magnesium in water, but studies show that it is better if you have calcium and magnesium in your water. Alkaline drops may or may not have good mineral content. You are best off with a water ionizer because you get more that way. Hydrogen sticks and pH drops are limited, they run out

Hydrogen Sticks | Health

There is no health benefit to hydrogen in water! If you drink water with hydrogen in it, the hydrogen will simply bubble up from the water, and come out of your mouth as a burp. Hydrogen has no effect on your health because your body doesn’t absorb it. All of the benefit that comes from a hydrogen stick comes from the magnesium they put in your water. You can get plenty of magnesium from ionized alkaline water and the magnesium is in a more easily absorbed form and the ionized alkaline mineral-rich water is also ionized so you receive the benefits of the antioxidant potential.

Bottom line: Hydrogen sticks are an expensive health gimmick – don’t waste your money

Alkaline pH drops

Alkaline pH drops are like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re getting. Some pH drops have a good mix of minerals in them, some don’t. They’re difficult to work with and expensive. In general, pH drops are often better than hydrogen sticks because you get more minerals from them, but they still leave a lot to be desired especially  because the minerals are not in the optimized form like water ionizer minerals.. Alkaline pH drops are nothing more than overpriced liquid supplements.

Bottom line: make limited amounts of expensive alkaline water

Water Ionizers

A water ionizer makes an endless supply of alkaline water; it converts the existing minerals in your tap water into healthy mineral hydrates. Alkaline water from a water ionizer is very economical; it’s only pennies per gallon. You get more minerals from a water ionizer simply because it never runs out, and you get enough healthy water to share with family and friends. The fact is, if you’re planning to drink water for the rest of your life (most people including me are!) a water ionizer is an investment.

The water from a water ionizer tastes better too. I’ve tried water from all three systems, and alkaline water from a water ionizer tastes a lot better than hydrogen stick, or pH drop water.

Bottom line: A water ionizer is an investment in your health, and it makes the best tasting alkaline water

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