Is the Kangen Water Machine a Medical Device?

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Is the Kangen Water Machine a Medical Device?

Is the Kangen Water Machine a Medical Device?

The kangen water machine is touted as a medical device by Enagic’s independent sales representatives, but is it? Kangen’s claims rest on a certification by the Japanese Ministry of Health that authorizes medical professionals to use water ionizers for mild digestive upset. It is a medical device, but it isn't certified as a medical device for all the diseases that Enagic's representatives claim. The Japanese Ministry of Health certifies it only for mild digestive upset, and not for any other health problem.

Water ionizers make healthy water, not medicine

Enagic’s claim that their machine is a medical device for the treatment of disease is misleading. If you drink Kangen water, it will help you maintain your health, but it's not medicine. Medicines are intended to cure disease. The reason alkaline water is good for you is that it supplies essential mineral nutrition, pH balance, and antioxidant benefits. The body itself is actually your best doctor, it can oftentimes heal itself. The reason alkaline water can help people recover from illnesses is because alkaline water is good for your health.

Why Enagic must lie about Kangen Water

The Kangen water machine is the most expensive water ionizer on the market today by far. Compared to other leading brands like Alkaviva and Life Ionizers, the kangen water machine is a mid-grade water ionizer. It only has 7 plates, it’s under-powered, and lacks an effective automatic cleaning system. All other brands of water ionizer on the market have effective automatic cleaning systems.

Enagic allows its MLM sales force to make outrageous claims about the kangen water machine because they know that their machine won’t sell for the price they are asking if they don’t. Enagic’s problem is that they sell through multi-level marketing, which makes everything more expensive.

Kangen Water is Alkaline Water

Kangen water is just a fancy name for alkaline water. It can’t do anything for you that alkaline water can’t. In fact, the kangen water machine is actually underpowered, and it makes weaker alkaline water than most other mid- to high-end water ionizers. Alkaline water is good for you; there is no reason to lie about it. Many in the alkaline water industry (including the author of this article) wish that Enagic would stop lying about kangen water. It casts aspersion on the entire water ionizer industry.

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Medicine is there to cure diseases? Not entirely sure that true either. You just stated and agreed, our body is capable of healing itself and drinking Alkaline water (Kangen or not) can help support our body and a cell level. When I catch the flu or something, sure I’ve taken medicine, but I wouldn’t say that cured my disease. Just help relieve the symptoms, so my body can heal…. if the some Japanese group advocates Kangen Water as medical grade, I would then have to agree that yes Kangen Water might help relieve some symptoms but it’s not gonna cure the disease. Is Kangen Water the best?? I don’t know, but if they have proof of a organization that supports it as a Medical grade then I would say it is.

Posted by Serenity on May 07, 2018

My question is kangen machine and other machine?

Posted by Bishal Rai on October 17, 2017

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