5 Questions to ask BEFORE buying a kangen water machine

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5 Questions to ask BEFORE buying a kangen water machine

The kangen water machine is often touted by Enagic’s enthusiastic horde of multi-level marketers as the ultimate cure for just about everything. But is it? If you look at the facts, the kangen machine is no different than any other water ionizer, except for the fact that it is more expensive. If you look deeper, and ask an Enagic sales representative these 10 questions, you will probably think twice before plunking down $4000 on the kangen water machine. You will quickly discover that most kangen sales representatives don’t actually know too much about the machine they are selling?

1. Can you find out what toxins are in my water and recommend a filter to remove them?

Water quality is critical to your health. If the person selling you a water ionizer doesn’t know how to check water for toxins, how do they know if their machine properly filters your water? Kangen reps generally are not trained to identify toxins in your water, and they won’t be able to help you choose the right pre-filter for your water.

2. Does the kangen water machine come with a pre-filter?

Pre-filters are used to protect water ionizers from hard water damage and filter toxins found in your water. You should never run a water ionizer without a pre-filter! Hard water will void your warranty! Kangen reps will attempt to sell you a pre-filter for their machine at significant extra cost.

3. Why does the kangen water machine use chemicals?

Ask the kangen rep why the kangen water machine is the only ionizer sold that still uses chemicals. All other manufacturers stopped when the industry switched to SMPS power supplies. Ask the kangen rep why you should have to pay extra for chemicals when other machines don’t need them.

4. How come the kangen water machine is so expensive?

Kangen reps will claim that the amount of platinum on the plates of their machine justifies its high cost. But if that were true, how come Enagic only warranties their plates for five years? You can find ionizers for half the cost of the kangen machine with much longer guarantees.

5. Can the kangen water machine poison my alkaline water if it’s not cleaned properly?

If you use Enagic’s acid water chemical supplement, your kangen water machine will make bleach! The acid water supplement contains salt, when ionized, it makes bleach. If not cleaned properly -an 8 step process – the kangen machine may retain residue from the salt water additive. If so, it will continue to produce trace amounts of bleach when you use it to make drinking water!

Your health is your most valuable asset, if an ionizer sales person doesn’t have answers to the tough questions, how can you trust them with your health?

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