5 Questions to ask BEFORE buying a kangen water machine

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5 Questions to ask BEFORE buying a kangen water machine

5 Questions to ask BEFORE buying a kangen water machine

The kangen water machine is very expensive, but if you look at the facts, the kangen machine is no different than any other water ionizer. It uses the same system of charged platinum-coated titanium plates to ionize water.   If you look deeper, and ask an Enagic sales representative these 5 questions, you will probably think twice before plunking down $4000 on the kangen water machine. You will quickly discover that most kangen sales representatives don’t actually know too much about water quality of how the machine they are selling actually works.

1. Can you find out what toxins are in my water and recommend a filter to remove them?

Water quality is critical to your health. If the person selling you a water ionizer doesn’t know how to check water for toxins, how do they know if their machine properly filters your water? Kangen reps generally are not trained to identify toxins in your water, and they won’t be able to help you choose the right pre-filter for your water.

Ask a Kangen rep if their machine filters out heavy metals like lead in your water. If they say it does, they're lying. Right on Enagic's website, buried in the fine print, it says: "Does not filter metals or salt" Why would you buy a machine that can't filter out harmful heavy metals?

2. Does the kangen water machine come with a pre-filter?

Pre-filters are used to protect water ionizers from hard water damage and filter toxins found in your water. You should never run a water ionizer without a pre-filter! Hard water will void your warranty! Kangen reps will attempt to sell you a pre-filter for their machine at significant extra cost.

3. Why does the kangen water machine use chemicals?

Ask the kangen rep why the kangen water machine  still uses chemicals. Most manufacturers stopped using electrolysis enhancers when the industry switched to SMPS power supplies. Ask the kangen rep why you should have to pay extra for chemicals when other machines don’t need them.

Ask them what are the potential side effects of calcium glycerophosate. That's the chemical additive used in the Kangen machine and it is a drug that has potentially harmful side effects. If they don't know about the calcium glycerophosate additive that the machine they sell uses, why would you risk you risk your health using that machine?

4. How come the kangen water machine is so expensive?

Kangen reps will claim that the amount of platinum on the plates of their machine justifies its high cost. But if that were true, how come Enagic only warranties their plates for five years? You can find ionizers for half the cost of the kangen machine with much longer guarantees.

5. Can the kangen water machine poison my alkaline water if it’s not cleaned properly?

If you use Enagic’s acid water chemical supplement, your kangen water machine will make bleach! The acid water supplement contains salt, when ionized, it makes bleach. If not cleaned properly -an 8 step process – the kangen machine may retain residue from the salt water additive. If so, it will continue to produce trace amounts of bleach when you use it to make drinking water!

Your health is your most valuable asset, if an ionizer sales person doesn’t have answers to the tough questions, how can you trust them with your health?

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Your medical grade water contains chlorine gas, did you know that? At a pH of 2.5, the chloride ion makes chlorine gas, that’s a very dangerous cleaner. You would be much better off combining your “strong” acid and alkaline waters to make a solution with a ph of between 6.5 and 6.8. You’ll get an aqueous solution of hypochlorus acid – it’s much safer and a lot more effective than a solution that contains chlorine gas. Now why don’t you ask Enagic why they didn’t tell you about that?

230 CONTINUOUS VOLTS that seems so much more power when you write it in ALL CAPS. We have machines with G.R.I.D plates that can put out up to 800 Watts of power. Those machines are guaranteed for life, because they will last that long – for the rest of your life, not just 15 – 25 years

Oh, and by the way MESH isn’t a filter, it’s a type of plate. We have an office ionizer that’s nearly 5 years old with MESH plates and over 400 watts of power, it’s still going strong. We have several brands of ionizers that are certified as medical devices. What’s a special little switch? We’ve never found one on any of the ionizers we tested.

Posted by Water Ionizer Expert on January 26, 2018

Water with low mineral content is hard to ionize properly. There are two ways to fix this: Either add chemicals that make it easier to ionize, or increase the amount of power you are using to ionize the water with. Companies that use SMPS power supplies use them because they put out a lot of power. That way, you get clean, pure, chemical free alkaline water. We here at Water Ionizer Expert prefer machines that use SMPS power and make chemical free alkaline water. We don’t think it’s safe to add chemicals to your drinking water.

Posted by Water Ionizer Expert on January 26, 2018

We’re glad that our information helped you. Water Ionizer Expert strives to arm water ionizer shoppers with the right questions to ask when shopping for an ionizer. If you’d like further information on quality water ionizers, and how to shop for them, call us at 800-920-3792

Posted by Water Ionizer Expert on January 26, 2018

I was interested to buy this product and now after seeing above 5 questions it can be a big scam , why would they look for reference instead selling them like Benz Car in the market where they can be the richest on this planet
People be aware of this traps thank you

Posted by Nagaraju on January 21, 2018

You must explain Chemicals vs SMPS power supplies.

Posted by A.K.Vithanage on December 04, 2017

The electrolysis enhancer used in Kangen water is for making medical grade strong 2.5 ph water-not for drinking( just to set the record straight) The pricing reflects the 8 solid platinum dipped titanium plates…needed to withstand 230 CONTINUOUS VOLTS of electricity needed to redtructure the water. Kangen machines self clean so there is no corosion on the plates.Their warranty is a full 5 yrs on the entire machine which has a life expectancy 15-25 yrs.The competitors use a mesh type filter not being able to withstand a continuous 230 volts of current,hence that special little switch-those machines would melt so the switch turns them off as a preventative measure.The cheap mesh filter corrodes after a year,sealed in the unit…marketing strategies ,lol. If the other machines work so wonderful,why bash the competition? Enagic sells the ONLY ionizer deemed a medical health device.DOCUMENTATION BEATS CONVERSATION.

Posted by Alicia Horner on November 03, 2017

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