Top 5 Ionizer water filters compared

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Top 5 Ionizer water filters compared

When it comes to alkaline water for health, purity matters

The best alkaline water for health starts with the best water filtration. Your tap water can contain many kinds of harmful toxins: Carcinogens like trihalomethanes and mercury, to poisons that are added by your local water authority like chlorine and fluoride. To make healthy alkaline water, you must filter the toxins from it. In this article, we will compare the water filtration used by the top 5 brands of water ionizer.

The Big 5: Today’s most popular water ionizers

LIFE Ionizers, Enagic Kangen, Ionways Jupiter, Alkafresh, and Alkazone are the top 5 brands in terms of annual sales volume and time in market. These brands have been around longer and have more customers than all others; each has a reputation for building quality machines. But when it comes to water purification, two of these alkaline water machines perform a lot better than the others.

Alkafresh (4 stars)

Alkafresh offers an entry level, bargain priced, 5 plate water ionizer with high end filtration technology. Alkafresh can offer this because they licensed the use of LIFE Ionizers’ Vitamin C Ceramic Block filtration technology for chlorine reduction.  Vitamin C filtration is the ultimate in chlorine reduction; it’s used in laboratories and hospitals to eliminate chlorine from water. The Alkafresh system comes with multiple internal filters and a pre-filter. Because it has the ultimate filtration at an entry level price, we give the Alkafresh four stars.

Alkazone (2 stars)

The Alkazone comes with only a single filter that uses conventional Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) technology. This type of filter doesn’t remove chloramines, and may present a problem for California residents with nitrates in their water. Studies show that GAC filters will adsorb (hold) nitrate when filtering some organic compounds. The GAC filter will later release the nitrates into the water. Nitrates cause blue baby syndrome, so people who have or are expecting a baby may wish to avoid the Alkazone machine. Because of the nitrate problem, we gave the Alkazone two stars.

Enagic Kangen (1 star)

The Kangen Water machine is the most expensive water ionizer on the market, but its filtration technology leaves a lot to be desired. The kangen water ionizer comes with a single filter that uses calcium sulfate. According to Enagic’s website, the kangen water filter can’t remove heavy metals or salt from your water. People who live in older homes that have metal pipes should avoid the kangen machine this reason. Also, anyone on a low salt diet should be aware that the kangen machine won’t remove salt from their water. Because of it’s ridiculously high cost, and woefully inadequate filtration, we gave the kangen water machine the lowest rating of all, one star.

Ionways/Vesta (4 stars)

Ionways Vesta comes with dual internal filters which use their filter Biostone technology. We like the fact that the company offers different filters to address a range of water quality problems, but we’re disappointed that they charge extra for a pre-filter. Because Ionways offers good filtration, but charges extra for their ultimate filtration, we gave the Ionways four stars.

LIFE Ionizers (5 Stars)

We saved the best for last, so you can really see why LIFE has the ultimate filtration for healthy alkaline water. LIFE Ionizers come with dual filtration that features their Vitamin C Ceramic Block technology. LIFE Ionizers takes your water quality seriously. Every LIFE Ionizers comes with a free consultation with a water quality expert. LIFE will analyze your local water quality report to find out exactly which toxins may be found in your water. They then give you a free pre-filter that is selected specifically to filter the toxins that were found in your water quality report. Because of this, you are assured that you get the right filters to purify your water. Because LIFE Ionizers has the best filtration technology, experts on staff to analyze your water, and goes farther than any other company to purify your water, we gave LIFE five stars.

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I’m looking for a water system to remove salt from my well water system. You mention in the section about the Enagic Kangen that it does not remove salt but you never state if any of the other do. Do any of the other water ionizers remove ionized salt from water?

Posted by John Loper II on February 19, 2017

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