Best Alkaline Water Ionizer for Hard Water

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Best Alkaline Water Ionizer for Hard Water

Best Alkaline Water Ionizer for Hard Water

Hard water can ruin an ionizer, but it also supplies the essential minerals that you need to get from alkaline water for good health. To work right with hard water, an ionizer needs to have a large enough chamber to avoid plugging up, and a cleaning system capable of keeping the system clean. In some cases, such as the very hard water in Phoenix AZ, you also need filters to reduce the water’s hardness.

Water ionizers vs. hard water

Hard water will leave deposits on an ionizer’s plates, and can even clog up the machine (like the pipe on the left)  if the deposits build up. Water ionizers use a cleaning method called reverse-current to handle hard water. When an alkaline water machine is going through its cleaning cycle, power to the plates is reversed. This causes the plates to repel (instead of attract) hard water deposits that are clinging to them. But not all cleaning systems are created equal. For effective cleaning, you need a lot of power, a way to pulse the current so that it “hits” the deposits with a series of shocks. These current pulses cause deposits to break up so they can be washed from the system.

LIFE Ionizers 9200 best with Hard Water

The LIFE 9200 recently was upgraded with new, larger chambers which improved the machine’s pH and –ORP levels. The new larger chamber also allows more water flow, which makes the LIFE machine more tolerant of hard water deposits.

LIFE Ionizers offers the most advanced cleaning system in the alkaline water ionizer industry. Called Reverse Action Dual Cleaning (RADC) this system actually cleans the plates twice every time it runs! Where we tested the machine (Los Angeles) the water is very hard, but the LIFE has shown it can handle it. In our testing, LIFE Ionizers was the only machine that was able to effectively clean itself of hard water deposits and showed no loss of performance due to hard water. The LIFE machine also benefitted from the custom pre-filter that came with it. LIFE’s technicians determined that we needed a hard water filter, and they included it free.

The LIFE 9200 is ideal for hard water use, because of the advanced cleaning, custom pre-filter, and because the machine has a lot of power. More power enables this machine to blast hard water deposits away with massive pulses of current.

LIFE Ionizers recommends you run their cleaning cartridge every six months if you have hard water, and this is sound advice. We ran our LIFE 9200 for six months on hard water, then we ran LIFE’s cleaning cartridge and disassembled the ionization chamber to check for hard water buildup – it was spotless.

Bottom Line: If you have hard water, get a LIFE!

Having trouble finding the right ionizer? Call our water ionizer experts today at (800) 920-3792 for fast, free advice. We will help you find the right ionizer for your budget, needs, and water quality.

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