How to Spot an Alkaline Water Fraud

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How to Spot an Alkaline Water Fraud

How to Spot an Alkaline Water Fraud

There are lots of companies and websites selling water ionizers today. Some of these companies know what they’re talking about; they have the expertise to ensure that the water ionizer you buy is properly set up to make healthy alkaline water from your tap water. Other companies make fraudulent claims which can mislead consumers into buying a machine that is not properly set up to make healthy alkaline water. Here’s how to tell the difference between an alkaline water expert, and an alkaline water fraud.

Alkaline Water Fraud - Pseudoscience

The first red flag you should look for is: Does the website or company advertise using fake science? Claims that alkaline water is hexagonal, microclustered, or hexagonal in nature are not true. These claims have been widely debunked by skeptics.

Avod: Companies that make claims based on pseudoscience: Microclustering, Restructured Water, Hexagonal Water, etc.

Look for: Companies that advertise using real science. All of the clinical evidence for the benefits of alkaline water point to the health benefits of the minerals in it. Health claims for the benefits of calcium and magnesium in water are backed by many large-scale health studies.

Water Quality Expertise Counts

You should question any water ionizer company or website that you plan to do business with about the quality of your water. Can they get a copy of your local water quality report? Are they prepared to make sure your water ionizer can filter the toxins that may be found in your water?

Avoid: Companies that don’t know how to find out about toxins in your water. If they can’t advise you on what kind of filter you may need to make your water safe, they can’t make your water safe!

Look for: Companies that analyze your local water quality report. A company that can advise you on filtration is able to make sure your water is clean and pure.

Multi-Level-Marketing Scams

Water ionizers that are sold through multi level marketing scams are more expensive than ionizers that are sold by legitimate companies. Worse yet, multi-level marketers are usually the ones that advertise using pseudoscience. Multi-level marketers typically know nothing about water filtration either; they can’t protect you from toxins that may be in your water.

Avoid: Multi-level marketing scams like kangen water. Prices are a rip-off, they don’t understand the science of alkaline water, and they can’t ensure you have proper filtration.

Look for: Companies that sell factory-direct, this means savings to you. Legitimate water ionizer companies understand the science behind what they sell, and are prepared to make sure your water is properly filtered.

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